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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Duterte supporter lays out steps on identifying Dilawans

Ricardo Perez, an avid supporter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, decided that he should share to the public some steps on how to identify if a person is what he calls a “Dilawan”.
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The term Dilawan is used by the supporters of President Duterte to call those who support the opposition. These people are usually those who belong to the Liberal Party, and those who support the people in there as well.

He says that one way to identify them are those who are “good in talking but failed miserably in actions”, and those who “feel entitled”.

It seems like Perez’s descriptions of Dilawans are also drawn from insults and descriptions hurled against people from the opposition as well. Some of the terms are also those accused towards people who support the likes of former President Noynoy Aquino, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, among others.
Liberal Party sign / Photo from Get real Philippines

Another description Perez lets out is that he says Dilawans are those who do not apologize for their mistakes and continuously lie and deny issues and accusations against them.

More than that, Perez says that even the excuses the Dilawans use to defend themselves should not be listened to because a lot of them seem to use the same excuses, it is fairly easy to identify them.

Read his full post here:

"How to spot a Yellowturd or Dilawan?

Rik Perez-Escudero

- A Yellowturd or Dilawan is a person who is only good in talking but failed miserably in actions.
- Sila din yung mapagmataas at feeling entitled.
- Sila din yung puro puna pero wala naman alternatives.
- Sila din yung hindi marunong mag apologize pag nagkakamali.
- Sila din yung sagad kung bumatikos sa Duterte administration pero "NEUTRAL" sa Aquino government.
The Liberal Party / Photo from Get real Philippines

- Sila yung nangangarap na mamatay na si President Duterte pero hindi naman umaasang gumaling si Noynoy at Sereno -

Yellows are LIARS too and they suffer a DENIAL syndrome kasi pag nakorner mo sila, ito naman ang kanilang katwiran:

- Hindi porke't ayaw kay Duterte e dilawan na -
- Ayaw namin ke Digong pero ayaw din namin ke Noynoy -
- Issue lang ang focus namin at hindi personality -
- E ano naman kung dilawan kung Pro-FILIPINO naman -
- Ang pagmamalasakit sa bayan ay walang kulay -


Ganyan ang tono nila pero walang umaamin kaya madali silang makilala."