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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Duterte warns over WPS: There will be trouble ‘if China takes oil and Uranium alone'

President Rodrigo Duterte photo file from ABS CBN / inserted a photo of WPS from Manila Bulletin

Manila, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte has recently taken the issue seriously and expressed that he is willing to go to war against China if it monopolizes oil and uranium resources in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

The president took offense over stern radio warnings by the Chinese to Philippine military aircraft flying near Beijing’s facilities built on artificial islands in the disputed Spratlys and its surrounding waters.

Duterte, who opted a peaceful and friendly negotiation with China warned that there would be “difficulty” if significant natural resources would be found in the disputed waters.

He added that he could even raise the Philippine’s award from the United Nations-backed arbitration tribunal that could have invalidated China’s claim to nearly entire South China Sea.

“I will assert, why? The oil. If you take it alone, there will be mess. Because if you struck oil now, what is the ocean? I’ll let you be. That is all yours,” Duterte said in a mix of Visayan and English, in remarks during the conference of the Visayas chapters of the League of Municipalities in Cebu City Tuesday night.

“But, son of a b***h, the uranium there… That is another story. The oil, that is another story. There, we will have a difficulty,” the President added.

He joked that acting Interior Secretary Eduardo Año would bring bolo knives to the disputed area and slash the Chinese.

The president was irked by a BBC report saying that China had shooed Filipino pilots away from the disputed waters.

The Chinese military was said to have issued a “vociferous warning” against a Philippine plane flying nearby.*

Reportedly, the radio transmission was suspected to have come from Beijing’s artificial islands, where it has powerful communications and surveillance equipment.

“Philippine military aircraft, I’m warning you again. Leave immediately or you will bear responsibility for all the consequences!” the radio transmission said.

Meanwhile, Malacanang had earlier said he joint exploration between the Philippines and China in the West Philippine Sea (WPS) could be signed “anytime” before, or even during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Philippines this November.

 “No time frame po. But of course, because of the impending visit of President Xi, I would say that it is anytime between now and visit of President Xi, but it was not expressly stated as such,” Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque said, when asked about the time frame for the signing of the agreement.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque Jr. 

Source: Manila Times