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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Executive producer, columnist on CPP: "Only Joma can tell us the reason why Cory released him from jail"

August 21, 1971: Liberal Party held its miting de avance at the Plaza Miranda in front of the Quiapo Church / photo from Liberal Party Twitter

A great number of Filipinos have not forgotten the date when the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquin0 was assassinated on Aug.21, 1983 at then Manila International Airport (MIA).

Meanwhile, Philippine Star columnist and Executive producer Bobit Avila also made a reminder through his recent article about the more horrific incident which took place on exactly the same date, August 21, 1971 – the Plaza Miranda b0mbing.

“I have written so many articles about that incident in our political history, but there was an incident which happened 12 years earlier, on Aug. 21, 1971 that few people seems to have forgotten, 
especially the millennials among us. It was called the Plaza Miranda Bombing, which was a miting de avance of the Liberal Party (LP) held at the Plaza Miranda in fro
nt of the Quiapo Church where the LP senatorial bets were present.” Avila wrote.

The columnist recalled that there was an estimated 4, 000 crowd who were gathered in front of the stage to watch the eight LP senatoriables and hear their speeches for the election campaign when two hand grenades were thrown at the stage.

“Among the senators wounded were Senators Jovito Salonga, Sergio Osmeña Jr., Eva Estrada Kalaw and Sonny Osmeña. Also on stage were Sen. Ramon Mitra, LP president Gerardo Roxas, Sen. Eddie Ilarde and other LP stalwarts like Ramon Bagatsing, LP’s Manila mayoralty candidate and Atty. Martin Lorenzo.” Avila continued.

Avila cited that “the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) blamed then Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos, but later Sen. Jovy Salonga wrote in his book that it was ordered by no less than CPP chairman Jose Maria “Joma” Sison who wanted to pin the blame on Marcos.”*

The author also observed that Marcos had to declare Martial Law due to the continued attacks by the CPP and its armed wing New People’s Army, a year after the Plaza Miranda tragic incident.

Lastly, Avila said:

“Before I forget… the only LP stalwart who wasn’t in Plaza Miranda when the grenades were thrown was then Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquin0 Jr. Aquino critics insist that he was warned by Joma not to be in that rally. In fact my good friend, the late Sen. Salvador Laurel told me that Ninoy was with him in the Jai Alai fronton in Roxas Blvd. for the baptism of his child. This brings us to the next question, why after the Marcoses fled Malacañang after the EDSA Revolution did then Pres. Cory Aquin0 release Joma Sison from his jail cell without anything to benefit the Philippines. Only Joma can tell us the reason why Cory released him.”

People in panic at the Plaza Miranda following the blast / photo from Presidential Museum and Library

Source: Philstar