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Monday, August 13, 2018

Farmer to Comelec Spokesperson Jimenez: ‘Keep your promise to the public’

Farmer from Pangasinan and Lawyer Troy Abitona has had it with Commission on Elections Spokesperson Director James Jimenez and decided to craft an open letter addressed to him which he posted on Facebook.
Troy Abitona and COMELEC Spokesperson Director James Jimenez / Photo from Facebook and Inquirer

Abitona expressed frustration over Jimenez because the latter did not keep his promise of having the COMELEC issue a rebuttal against the claims of lawyer Glenn Chong that the office worked together with Smartmatic in order to alter the results of the May 2016 elections.

He said that he is very disappointed that Jimenez had the guts to declare his promise in front of the media during the senate hearing. More than that, it was not only broadcasted, but also shared online and viewed 3 million times.

Abitona also said that Jimenez had sealed his promise with a handshake with him. He is disappointed that he feels that Jimenez did not keep his promise with Abitona simply because he is just a “lowly farmer”.
Troy Abitona / Photo from Facebook

He then calls on Jimenez to keep his promise as he is an “official tasked of upholding the truth and transparency in our democratic process of elections.” Abitona takes this seriously as he sees Jimenez promise as an oath and that his integrity as a public official depends on it.

He adds that Jimenez should just go ahead and “deny and disprove” the allegations of Chong. All he wants is evidence to disprove the claims of Chong, if it is true.

If it is more time that Jimenez wants, Abitona says that he can still give it but Jimenez should make sure that he is not just delaying.

Read his full post here:

"DirectorJames Jimenez

It's been 5 days since you made that categorical promise that Comelec, thru your office, shall issue or publish a rebuttal on the allegations of ATTY. GLENN CHONG that there were transmission of votes on May 8, 2016 when in fact and in truth the election is yet to be held the next day, May 09, 2016. 

That promise was made in front of the mainstream media as well as social bloggers and netizens who came to witness the Senate hearing. In fact, that encounter of us was videotaped and viewed by more than 3Million viewers.

That promise you made was sealed by a handshake between you, a distinguished and well revered official of COMELEC and an unknown ordinary farmer from San Nicolas, Pangasinan, that's me. I am certain that my lowly status in society is never a factor in giving premium to that promise. As an official tasked of upholding the truth and transparency in our democratic process of elections, you are mandated by the oath of your office to faithfully discharge to the best of your ability the duties of your position and do justice to every man without fear or favor. That oath is the affirmation that you are a man of words worthy of the position reposed unto you by the people whose taxes you draw your lifeblood from.
COMELEC Spokesperson Director James Jimenez / Photo credit to the owner

In sum therefore, I am convinced that you shall not renege on that solemn promise you made freely and voluntarily. 

All we ask from you is to deny and disprove in print or broadcast media that all the allegations of ATTY. GLENN CHONG are untrue and bereft of merits and unsupported by clear and convincing evidence. Prove and show to us and to the nation that the alleged early transmissions of votes on May 8, 2016 were all lies and figments of ATTY. GLENN CHONG's imagination. Only and until then shall our trust in the credibility and integrity of COMELEC be restored.

You also said in that encounter that your office has yet to validate those allegations and that you need more time to arrive at a truthful answer. We agreed thereto and we don't intend to pass judgment just yet. Prudence dictates that you should have enough time as you requested. But I hope not in a manner that waiting is delaying to avoiding.

Troy B. Abitona
San Nicolas, Pangasinan"

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