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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Filipino tennis player: I don’t think the president is going to resign

Willy Ramasola, a nationally acknowledged tennis player, let his thoughts known on Facebook about the recent statement of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte saying that he will resign from his position only if Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos be named vice president of the country.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Presidential Photo

According to Ramasola, the recent statement of the president is just something he said in the midst of a tantrum. He says that the president is tired and exhausted, as he is bound to be and he might have just said it in the middle of feeling all these things.

Ramasola then starts listing off the things that might have contributed to the president’s negative aura.

He says these “negative energy is dragging down his spirit”.
Willy Ramasola / Photo from Facebook

He mentions that the president had to fire some corrupt senior military official, the scandalous statement of former tourism Secretary Wanda Teo, the P7 billion worth of shabu shipment, the rejection of House Speaker and former president Gloria Arroyo of his budget proposal, outcry of motorists over the EDSA ban on single drivers, among others.

He said that the president should not be blamed for feeling so negatively, but rather what the Filipino people should do is to support him instead.

Like most supporters of President Duterte, Ramasola called on his fellow Filipino citizens to help the president instead of contributing to the hardships he is facing. He asks the people to stop bribing law enforcers, to stop involving themselves with drugs, and “share in nation building”.

In addition to this, he asks people to be more patient because he feels that good things will eventually come for the people of the Philippines as long as they are willing to work with President Duterte.

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"Is the President going to resign?

I dont think so. Nagtatampo lang yan. 

But needless to say, he is a tired and exasperated leader. 

Theres a lot of negative energy dragging down his spirit these days.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Presidential Photo

He recently fired senior military officials involved in corruption. His former Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo came up with ridiculous alibi to justify advertising expenses on her own brothers’ TV program. We heard the chismis about an alleged Php7Billion worth of shabu shipment that went thru customs. The House of Representatives led by his supposed ally Gloria Arroyo rejected his cash based budget proposal. And many motorists are angry over the EDSA ban on single drivers.

It’s not bad to criticize especially if it’s constructive. But the fact that until now the government is still fighting the drug problem only means the proliferation of illegal drugs in our country is much worse than initially thought. There is a lot of mess to clean up in our country.

We need to support the president. It is rare to have a leader who has the political will and the sincere commitment to serve our country and the Filipino people.

He cannot do this alone. And his statement about stepping down is a message to all the people around him to please temper the greed and stop corruption.

Please do your share in nation building. If you argue with, or worse, bribe traffic enforcers, you are not helping the president. If you sniff shabu, you are not helping the president. If you are lazy and just keep on complaining, you are not helping yourself and the country.

There are many things that we can still be thankful for. A restored Boracay will reopen in October. Mactan airport is open and Bohol airport will follow soon. And lets be patient with the 5% inflation. It’s much lower than the one million percent inflation rate in Venezuela.

Kanya-kanyang diskarte lang yan. Good luck and God bless to all of us. Thank you."

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