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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Former Ambassador and Retired General to Duterte: Do not quit now, the people are behind you

Ambassador to Indonesia from 2007 to 2010 and retired General Vidal Querol recently took to Facebook page named Republic Defenders to address Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte after the latter said that he wanted to step down from his position.
Vidal Querol and President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from Facebook and ABC News

The Republic Defenders are a group of people who whole heartedly support the president and have been posting online rallying for his cause.

According to Querol, he and his group calls on the president to remain in his position because “the fight against corruption must go on”. He says that id it because of President Duterte’s “strong leadership and commitment” that people have finally seen hope for the country.

He adds that it was only Duterte that was able to break down the “impregnable walls” of corruption and that true development has finally begun for the country.
 President Rodrigo Duterte / Presidential photo

More than that, Querol asks the president not to give up even though he may have enemies. He says that it is only more reason for him to continue on his cause because there are still people who adore him anyway. He adds that these people in support of him are also very much ready to help him in whatever challenge they may face.

Whatever it takes, however long it gets,” says Querol.

Read the full Facebook post of Querol here:


Mr. President, the fight against corruption must go on. The Republic Defenders urges President Duterte not to quit the Presidency but to continue to use his vast police and political powers to defeat corruption, illegal drugs and criminality until 2022. Mr. President, the country has seen hope in your strong leadership and commitment to beat these national evils when hope had been so scarce in the past. True even in our government, their evil minions have mutated the face, form and flash of the white knight but deep under in their flesh and blood are the deleterious substance of the evil kinds undermining good governance.
Photo from Republic Defenders

Mr. President, you have unmasked and decapitated many of them, and by your will and decisiveness the whole country adores you. Yet more have ducked your sights and are still lurking out there. They have to be vanquished under your leadership. This is not the time for you, Mr. President to quit and leave the future of our country at the mercy of the corrupt, druglords and criminals. They had their time; now is your time, the time for country and people. Just when you think the tasks are too heavy and hard, the hands of the Republic Defenders and millions more Filipinos are ready and too eager to help you fulfill the tasks of defeating these national and intergenerational evils.

Mr. President, you have blasted the so-called impregnable wall of corruption, illegal drugs and criminality; and for once, the people cried it could be done, your fight is the people's fight, and it's just beginning to gather steam. For the sake of country, this generation and generations to come.

Mr. President, the fight under your leadership must go on and on until our country has triumphed over them. Whatever it takes, however long it gets."

Ambassador Vidal Querol
President, Republic Defenders