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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Former President of Malacanang Press Corps hits PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson's critics due to Federalism

Bobby Capco and Mocha Uson. Image combined credit to Facebook and Inquirer
Mocha Uson is currently in the midst of advancing Federalism in our country. A week ago, Senator Nancy Binay invited Asec. Mocha to attend the Senate hearing of Federalism. Mocha immediately responded to and said thru a Facebook LIVE video that brainstorming will be done this week with the Constitutional Committees to find out what will be her part in the ongoing Federalism movement in the Philippines.

There are many who are not yet aware of Federalism, what will it bring to our level. That is why it is somehow ridiculous to imagine that there are people who are easy to place judgement, just like "pamba-bash" with PCOO ASec. Mocha Uson.

In a Facebook post of a former president of the Office of the Presidential Chief of Staff and is now a communications consultant, to impress Mocha's critics as to what this woman can do, he narrated what Uson can inform her followers that other media or government personalities can't.

In his post, Capco said Mocha's critics could not do anything. Especially if her followers in her social media accounts really believe in her. Every Mocha's mouthpiece is what they will follow based on the readership, listenership or viewership. Mocha was well-known before given a position in politics was a bold-star and making videos of grasping her boobs and pinch her nipple in public but this woman according to Capco has a word of honor and a very transparent person. She really says what she feels and wants to tell people. That is why after the May 2016 elections and her President won, we cannot blame how influential she is. This woman will bring to the people what the nation really deserves under Federalism.

PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson during the Presidential campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte May 2016. Image credit to ABS-CBN

PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson during the Presidential campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte May 2016. Image credit to ABS-CBN

PCOO Asec. Mocha Uson during the Presidential campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte May 2016. Image credit to ABS-CBN

Read full post below:

"There has a been a spate of attacks from all anti-Duterte forces against Mocha Uson after it was announced that she would help in the information drive on the issue of the proposed shift to the federal system of government.

The attacks were natural, not unexpected. Very few of those who dislike Mocha and her President Rodrigo R. Duterte believe she has something inside her head. All they see are the pictures of her nearly naked or naked during her younger years as a creative artist. Bomba star, 'ika nga. All they see in their mind when people say Mocha is her ass, her nipples, her bosom, her navel.

Eat your heart out, critics. Unfortunately for you, you don't have . the three million or more followers that Mocha has for her video blog. None of you have been able to marshal that much readership, listenership or viewership. Noli de Castro, Mike Enriquez, Korina Sanchez and Arnold Clavio had, at one point in time, but in these times the numbers are fleeting and much of the numbers had shifted somewhere else.

The numbers Mocha has represents the super-majority Philippine market that our elite-oriented and so-called "mainstream" media industry had tried to penetrate, and having failed so, had deliberately ignored. Their vote led to Duterte, much to the consternation of many opinion-makers in the mainstream media. 

Three years on, these defenders of the former leader still haughtily represent themselves as defenders of the freedom of the press of the very small minority that patronize them.

I do not know Mocha's mission for the Constitutional Commision and the Department of Interior and Local Government, for I am no employee of them though some of those involved are my personal friends. All I can imagine is not Mocha's boobs or her ass, but the network that her three million or so followers has as information channels. Lacking in imagination, the critics focus on their imagination of her luscious behind to paint an image of what she can deliver. Her three million followers believe otherwise.

Mocha can tell her three million followers the important features of the proposed new Constitution drafted by the Consultative Commission chaired by former Chief Justice Reynato Puno. Mocha can tell her followers the lie propagated by Duterte's critics that the ConCom commission proposed a parliamentary system of government. She can tell her followers that the Puno Commission proposed a federal, presidential form of national government. Mocha can tell her followers that Duterte's critics were lying when they claimed he or his children could run for President under the proposed Constitution. She can tell the truth that the proposed Constitution bars all political families from dominating the country's politics by instituting a strict and clear ban on political dynasties.

Lastly, Mocha can tell her followers, soon to increase as more  of the truths come out, that under the current Constitution there are certain families cuddled and promoted by the powers granted them in the national and regional political world. She can tell her followers how these families controlled the trade and commerce in their region in collusion with national officials, who got elected by the money their fathers and mothers collected from corruption and outright robbery. She can tell her followers about the father of one senator who opposes the proposed Constitution who amassed his first billion from smuggling activities that were tolerated by so-called watchful senators who benefitted from his bribes and national officials protected by their patrons in the political world and in national government. Mocha can tell her followers how the policies of the current Constitution killed the local farming and fishing industry and allowed smugglers of foreign goods to dominate the domestic market in collusion with the patrons of the officials protecting the smugglers.

Yes, each of the critics can feast on their holy and mighty judgment of Mocha Uson the ex-bold star. They can sneer in public and in private that the kind of person Mocha is is shown by her allowing someone to grasp her boobs and pinch her nipple in public. Yes, they can do that to the few tens of thousands who read, listen to or watch them. Mocha has her three million."


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