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Independent Consultant lists 5 main reasons why Senators are so obsessed with probes

Photo of Adolfo Mortera from his Facebook account 

As the Senate Public Services Committee held an inquiry into the Chinese airline mishap that paralyzed the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for days, Senator Grace Poe, who chaired the panel and initiated the probe, got scolded by a netizen.

UP Graduate and independent consultant, Adolfo Mortera said the incident was beyond NAIA management’s control and nobody could have stopped the plane from skidding off the runway.

The lady senator was also called out for inviting former senator Sergio Osmena III (previous chairman of the committee), who participated in the probe together with other members of the pane and grilled Transportation secretary Arthur Tugade.

“Why didn't you pounce on the Xiamen executives/representatives present at the hearing and ensured their accountabilities for the damage and lost opportunities due NAIA and the Philippine government? Instead, your committee - plus ex-senator Osmena (why was he there?) - nitpicked and blamed the NAIA management entirely for lapses in the crisis.” Mortera wrote on a Facebook post

“From what I heard during the probe, you produced nothing. Except for the touted 18 million pesos for direct damage, no clear commitments from Xiamen Airlines on its other obligations and accountabilities due NAIA for lost business and to the thousands of passengers affected by Xiamen's negligence.” He added

In relation to this, in an earlier Facebook post, Mortera identified five main reasons or motivations why Senators do like to conduct probes.

He said Poe assumed the functions that should been the responsibility of NAIA’s internal audit as he tagged the senators being obsessed with conducting investigations.

Here is the complete Facebook post of Mortera:


The current hearing being done by Grace Poe on the NAIA Xiamen incident aims to determine if NAIA has SOPs for such incidents. It is one such probe that encroaches on the executive branch functions. It belongs to internal audit prerogative of NAIA for continuous improvement. Grace Poe usurps these functions!

Why are senators so obsessed with probes/ investigations?

1. Senators are like moths ( gamu-gamo). Ang gamu-gamo, they are attracted to lights. They drop dead when lights are off. Senators are attracted to cameras. Take away the cameras and tv exposure and they are restless like drug addicts. Ask Grace, Leila and Risa.

2. Senators enjoy being addressed "Your Honor," "Ma'm," "Sir" and experience manic joy when they get away with insulting and shaming invited witnesses and resource persons. Ask Drilon, Trillanes, Hontiveros et al.

3. Senators use probes to destroy political enemies through tsismis, innuendos, and peddle propaganda lies disguised as "truth." Ask Trillanes.

4. Senators want to assert control over the judiciary and executive by threatening subpoenas and jailing those who assert their right to remain silent..

5. Senators have nothing else to do except go around the hall, play with their gadgets, and counting their millions.

I will vote for that legislator who will sponsor a resolution that defines strict guidelines and parameters before probes are done and wasting precious time of invited resource persons.