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Monday, August 13, 2018

Independent Consultant to Leni: Opting to Resign will redeem your dignity to the nation

Adolfo Mortera and Leni Robredo / Composite photos from forumphilippines and Facebook
Despite citing ‘irreconcilable differences’, Vice – President Leni Robredo, said over the weekend that she is OPEN to the possibility of uniting with President Rodrigo Duterte for the ‘country’s sake’.

In a televised interview at ABS – CBN’s “Bottomline” last Saturday, VP Leni said, “Sa akin, given na hindi kayo magkakasundo sa lahat ng bagay pero parati ko ’yung sinasabi hanapin natin ’yung at least common denominator. Saan ba tayo pwede magkakasundo and build on it (For me, it is given we won’t agree on everything; but as I always say, let us at least find our common denominator. On what ground can we agree, then we build on it).”

The Vice Chief also acknowledged the relevance of UNITY from among government officials saying that problems of the nation would be manageable only if both she and the President are both willing to work together.

“Sana kaming dalawa maging unifying kasi crucial para makuha mo ’yong cooperation ng constituency (I hope the two of us will be unifying because it is crucial to get the cooperation of the constituency),” Robredo implied.
Vice President Leni Robredo and President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from
Robredo’s working relationship with Duterte went sour after she was disallowed to attend cabinet meetings primarily due to ‘conflict of interest’ which eventually led to her resignation as housing chief in December of 2016.

UP Graduate and independent consultant name of Adolfo Mortera once saw Robredo’s recent stratagem coming for the very reason to what he described Liberal Party as ‘Irrelevant’ with their existence in Congress and their failure to power – grab achievements through EU – US – UN sponsors.

Mortera, in his Facebook post, also asked, was there even UNITY from both officials, in the first place?

He also noted that Leni could only redeem herself by RESIGNING and allow herself to admit that her victory was only achieved through fraud. “The nation will finally like her if she makes that sacrifice,” Mortera implied.
Adolfo Mortera / Photo from Facebook
Here’s Mortera’s entire Facebook post that became the subject of hilarity by most of his followers on Monday:


That's expected. With LP in shambles, irrelevant & reduced to a subminority in Congress, their disruptive rallies with accomplice CBCP not gaining people support, their failed power grab attempts through EU-US-UN sponsors, and a probable SC ruling to nullify her victory as constant threat, her trips abroad now few, Leni's options have been reduced to ranting zero-value statements.

That's why she wants to "mend ties."

But did they have ties in the first place?

With nothing to do everyday except nitpick on the President, does Leni want to work, finally? But the President thinks she has zero value to any discourse and can't be trusted with any project at all. Her stint as housing czar is an example. Czarot lang.

Leni can redeem herself by resigning from her post and admitting she won through cheating. She might just do that if she recalls her previous life in Naga as a happy widow before Noynoy plucked her out to run as VP which she won through Smartmatic's cheating machine.

The nation will finally like her if she makes that sacrifice.

Back home in Naga, she can be herself again without wearing signature clothes, admire Mayon Volcano from her window, read Bible verses in Sunday masses without teleprompter, or sign up with Inday Sara's HNP as convenor of Hugpong's Naga chapter, and finally use her famous fillers like "Ang sa akin lamang" while talking to her neighbors after siesta time....habang naghihingutohan.😀

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