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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Japan OFWs plant trees as support to President Rody Duterte

Photo credit from Flying Ketchup
A group of Duterte Supporters from Japan demonstrated their support for the President by participating in a tree – planting activity recently held in Davao City.     

The group planted an estimated 500 seedlings in Matina Pangi, Davao City with the intent to reduce flooding within the area. The reason behind their motive is not only for the environment’s sake but primarily reciprocate from what they assert as a ‘working government’ that has come to finally take good care of them.

Berwin Dy, a known Duterte supporter and advocate said that the group chose to plant trees "because it leaves a legacy of love and support you have for your country." Some of them took 2 days off from work and flew in only to participate in the said event with some even chose to temporarily close their business just so they could join.

"We can't just we support the President, we need to show our support," Berwin said.
Photo from Flying Ketchup
The group said that their unsolicited contribution speaks of President Duterte’s helping hand towards the Filipino people. They also hope that other OFW groups would be motivated by the very effort they initiated in ‘whatever ways’ they possibly can.

Japan is home to many patriotic Duterte supporters who have managed to root support even from Japanese locals to protect President Duterte from ‘bad press’ and continue to disseminate the latest from the Philippines.

With many of its members coming from Chiba, Yokohama, Saitama and Tokyo, the number of members keep on rising while showing other Duterte supporters their undivided interest to improve the Philippines.

Here are some reactions from the netizens:

Gerry Sacul bakit di tayo mag ORGANIZE..mga DDS Manila..let us also plant trees sa Montalban, Marikina to reforest these areas TO PREVENT FLOODS IN THE FUTURE....IBALIK ANG TREE PLANTING SA SCHOOLS.
Photo from Flying Ketchup
Reynaldo Oller Emeses Ay salamat unti-unting bumalik ang disciplina sa marami nating kababayan Filipino, tulad noon kay McCOY minsan sa isang taon napapasama ako sa grupong naka-schedule na magtatanim ng mga puno sa mga lugar na nangangailangan matamnan,, at ni-required rin sa mga kabahayang magtanim ng halaman kapakipakinabang!!

Rene Bondoc 1 tree, 1 support for PRRD ... Imagine if there are 20 million supporters :)


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Source:  Flying Ketchup