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Lacson: Sara Duterte is my top choice as the next leader of our country

Sen. Lacson and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, photo from RMN PH
At a weekly forum on Senate, Senator Panfilo Lacson mentioned that when it comes to choosing the next leader of our country, it would be no less than the Pres. Rodrigo Duterte's daughter herself, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

The 70-year-old senator expounded that Mayor Sara is his pick if the leader would emerge from the "young, fresh and new faces" in national politics.

"Speaking of Mayor Sara Dutere, make no mistake, if the next leader of our country would emerge from the young, fresh and new faces in national politics, my top choice right now is Sara Duterte", Sen. Lacson said, Thursday.

Explaining why he chose her, the police-officer-turned-senator stated the qualities that the Davao City Mayor possesses which makes her his top choice.

"She’s strong-willed, stern, vibrant, progressive-minded, and has obviously good leadership qualities", the senator said.

Further, Sen. Lacson said that Mayor Duterte stands out while acknowledging the fact that for him, "there are also other emerging young leaders in the Senate".
Photo from Notey
"A number of our young, hardworking colleagues are showing good leadership potentials. This is my political opinion based on whatever political sense I have accumulated after my long years in government service, Mayor Sara stands out and is right in front of the pack", he said.

Albeit his glaring support for the fierce Davao City Mayor, he was quick to clarify that he was not endorsing the said official.

"I’m not endorsing her. I’m just saying that among the known young leaders, if we choose from young and fresh faces in national politics, I think you can agree with me na si Sara Duterte talaga ang tinitignan", the senator said.

Setting the record straight, he clarified that it does not have something to do with Sara being the Mindanaoan president's daughter, but solely due to her "track record" and "experience".

"Not only because she’s the daughter of the President pero yung track record nya rin pati yung experience nya as a local government official in Davao says it all", according to Sen. Lacson.

However, it can be recalled that the firebrand president already mentioned in one of his previous speeches that his daughter would not run for a national post.

"Ang anak ko, si Inday, I can tell you I know her. Hindi magtatakbo ‘yan ng national", Pres. Duterte said during the 68th National Security Council and 69th National Intelligence Coordinating Agency founding anniversary celebration held in Pasay City.
The Dutertes, photo from ABS-CBN News
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