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Monday, August 20, 2018

'Like Boracay': Solon wants to temporarily close Manila Bay and Laguna Lake for rehab

Composite photo of clean-up drive in Manila Bay after a typhoon (from ABS CBN) and Rep. Lito Atienza (photo from GMA News)

Manila, Philippines – Buhay Party-list Rep. Lito Atienza said that Manila Bay and Laguna de Bay should also be temporarily closed for rehabilitation just like Boracay.

The former Manila mayor said that rehabilitating it will help stabilize fish prices in the metro that have gone up due to ruined waters surrounding the city.

"Fish prices have gone up in Metro Manila partly due to the rapid degradation of our municipal waters," the lawmaker said in a statement.

"MalacaƱang ought to do a Boracay on Laguna Lake and Manila Bay, which are both rotting fast due to unrestrained human activity," Atienza said.

On April 26, the country’s prime tourist destination, Boracay Island, was temporarily shut down for half year rehabilitation after President Rodrigo Duterte said that it has become a ‘cesspool’.

"If MalacaƱang can strong-arm the environmental renewal of Boracay, surely it can also do the same to Laguna Lake and Manila Bay," Atienza said.

Atienza blamed the illegal fish cages, industrial waste, untreated sewage and unchecked land reclamation for the degradation of Manila Bay and Laguna Lake.

Sometime in June, Senator Cynthia Villar asked the Senate to probe several establishments that may be dumping waste in the waters of Manila Bay.

"Despite our efforts to clean up, water quality in the bay continues to worsen because of poor solid waste management and the lack of facilities for proper waste water disposal," the senator said in a statement.

"The resolution also seeks to determine whether or not the concessionaires are actually collecting and using the water utility charges, including the environmental and sewerage charges, from their respective consumers in order to fund the concessionaires' sewerage projects," Villar said.

 Source: ABS CBN