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Thursday, August 2, 2018

“No shame” Drilon scored no points for trying to destroy credibility of Atty. Chong, says veteran journalist

Jojo Robles and Senator Franklin Drilon, photo from La Solidad
Veteran columnist Jojo Robles, following the controversial Senate hearing on election fraud in 2016, hit Senator Franklin Drilon, saying that the latter "has no shame".

During the hearing Senator Drilon chided Atty. Glenn Chong, one of the speakers at the hearing, saying: “Please, Mr. Chong, stop the insults. Only Senators are allowed to insult here, not the witness.”

"Sen. Franklin Magtunao Drilon has no shame. And I don’t mean that as an insult, since only senators are allowed to insult us, a privilege apparently granted to no one else.” Robles said, in his article in the Manila Times.

The journalist added, “First of all, Drilon has no call pretending to be one of the senators interested in getting to the bottom of the reports of alleged massive cheating in the May 2016 elections, as exposed by Senate President Vicente Sotto 3rd in two privilege speeches. As someone who garnered more than 18 million votes to top the Senate elections that year, simple delicadeza should have made Drilon skip the investigation of the committee chaired by Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd.”

He said that the senator from Iloilo did not observe modesty and even acted as if he was a defender of the Commission on Elections and its automation partner Smartmatic.

He noted how Drilon was quick to pounced on Chong saying only senators can insult other people and not the witnesses or resource speakers like the former representative.

Robles said that if he were Chong, he would have said: “I would (respectfully, of course) asked the senator why he could insult me, a citizen who pays his salary, and be prohibited from doing the same to him, for example.”

He further added, “I would also have asked him to clarify for me, for instance, if calling a senator a big, fat, lying pig would qualify as an insult. Only so that I may not make the mistake of insulting a member of the Senate in future statements, of course.”

To him, Drilon was trying to divert the attention of the committee away from possible generalized cheating in the last elections that could also pave a way to investigate his own controversial victory.

Drilon was quick to point out during the hearing that Chong was a lawyer of former Senator Bongbong Marcos, but then the lawyer immediately corrected Drilon that while he may have been included in the list of lawyers for Marcos, who is protesting the victory of Vice President Maria Leonor Robredo, he never accepted the appointment, much less appeared as counsel on behalf of Marcos.

By making it appear that Chong was a Marcos operative, Drilon hoped to hijack the proceedings and convert them into yet another round in the long-running Marcos-Robredo match.” Robles said.

“Like the president of his party, Sen. Francis Pangilinan, Drilon’s presence was only intended to scare off Chong and other witnesses called in to bolster Sotto’s case of massive cheating — except that Pangilinan was not a surprise topnotcher in a Senate race that was being investigated in a hearing of the chamber.” He added.

Source: manilatimes.net