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Monday, August 20, 2018

On Ninoy Aquino Day, we celebrate the fall of a dictatorship and the rise of a new one

It was the death of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. that inspired the non-violent People Power Revolution and brought down the former President Ferdinand Marcos who was viewed as a dictator that time.
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As the People Power succeeded, direct family members of Ninoy sat as the most powerful leader in the land. Former Presidents Cory Aquino and Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III would come as the result of Ninoy’s tragic assassination.

But as the so-called Marcos dictatorship fell, a new one rose brought in by the Aquinos themselves. Crimes perpetuated, illegal drugs proliferated, and wealth became limited to only a few people.

Interestingly, even as the Aquinos sat in power twice, the assassination of Ninoy could never be solved. As ASEAN neighbors that were once poor now rose to power while the Philippines experienced a sharp economic decline.
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Netizen Mark Lopez elaborated further on these narratives when he said that after 35 years since Ninoy’s death, the country only grew worse. The public now questions how worth it was his death.

In his full post on Facebook, Lopez said,


35 years ago, an exiled opposition leader bravely went home amid warnings that he may be killed.

He got killed.

At the tarmac of the airport, barely kissing the land of his birth and whose freedom from a conjugal dictatorship he was espousing.

35 years ago, the country felt enraged in how he was murdered, and 3 years after, unleashed the rage in a stunning display of bloodless people power.

He got his wish that "The Filipino is worth dying for."

More than that, his death swept his family into the pinnacle of power. His downfall became the triumph of his wife and eventually his son and namesake.

In his last days on earth, he dreamt of a country in rebirth. His battlecry was "Tama na, Sobra Na!" in alluding to ending the said dictatorship. And his war song was "Bayan Ko," in alluding to his quest for democracy and freedom for the nation and its citizens.

Indeed we got democracy and freedom, thanks to ourselves who gathered en masse to become a million-strong human shield to mutineers.

And we got rid of the dictatorship. Only to take it back. And embrace it. Allowed by the very same powers who threw them out.
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Strange as it is, this merry mix up made sure that wealth and power remain exclusive to their ilk and their minions.

35 years ago, this fearful nation witnessed the murder of a man, which eventually triggered a wave of nationalism and longing for change.

35 years has passed, and guess what? The man's murder case remain unsolved. Even when his family became the most powerful one in our land, they failed miserably to name the masterminds and obtain justice.

And as if conscripted by fate, the nation also went into stupor. Instead of progress, it became a basket case and a den of thieves to corrupt and plunder.

35 years ago, our ASEAN neighbors were considered as backwaters and played around by their own despots and tyrants.

Today, they are highly developing countries with modern infrastructure and systems that we can only dream about. A simple landing at their sprawling airports compared to ours will be enough to make you cry.

35 years ago, we mourned for a man who we felt is the one who will bring us to the promise land.

In hindsight, we now think twice if his death was really worth it.

He would probably have been more worthy alive, especially after leaving us behind in the hands of his inexperienced wife and incompetent son.

Because in spite of what we all went through, the Filipino is worth LIVING for."