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Sunday, August 19, 2018

PGH condemns Mon Tulfo’s behavior, says he disrupted medical attention to victim

The Philippine General Hospital (PGH) has released a statement to refute the claims of radio broadcaster and columnist Ramon Tulfo that the triage doctor in the emergency room, as well as the staff in PGH, were not doing their job of treating a child that Tulfo’s driver hit himself.
Mon Tulfo / Photo from Rappler

"We reiterate that at no point was necessary medical intervention withheld from the victim when the child was at the Triage of the ER of PGH," the hospital's statement read.

"If ever there was any disruption in service to the victim it was directly caused by the behavior of Mr. Tulfo," it added.

Tulfo brought a kid and his mother to PGH in Taft Avenue, Manila, whom his driver hit in a “congested” street in Navotas.
Photo grabbed on Facebook/ Ramon Tulfo

According to a post Tulfo made in Facebook intended to shame the doctor and the hospital, they allegedly did not attend to the child because Tulfo was filming the whole situation.

"The ER doctor, Jay Guerrero, did not want to give the child first aid treatment, saying he didn't want it recorded on video," Tulfo said in his post.

The PGH clarify this accusation saying that amidst Tulfo’s complaints and insistence to videotape the whole thing, the doctor still treated the patient but did not allow to have it taped.

The doctor cited the Data Privacy Law which allows minors their right to privacy.

"The doctors' strict implementation of the PGH policy prohibiting the video recording of the minor victim is in accordance with the right to privacy of the minor victim and the mother as provided under the Data Privacy Law," PGH said.

They said that Tulfo continued to film even though there was no informed consent from the mother of the child.

The hospital said they stand by the side of the triage doctor if ever Tulfo’s camp decides to take any legal action.

"As to the legal actions that may be taken by the triage doctor who was merely attempting to perform his duties as an ER doctor and did not deserve to have his reputation and character besmirched, we leave to his discretion," it said.

"The further legal implications of the act of uploading the video in social media, which we maintain is illegal, we leave to the lawyers," it added.
Photo grabbed on Facebook/ Ramon Tulfo

They add that he did not do anything wrong, in fact he performed his duties as an ER doctor very well and did not deserve the hate Tulfo’s camp is throwing at him.

They continued on to say that what Tulfo did was "completely unacceptable and unbecoming especially from a supposedly veteran journalist seeking help for the victim his vehicle had bumped."

They also questioned how Tulfo brought the child all the way to Manila, 13 kilometers away, when there were numerous private and public hospitals near Navotas that might have immediately treated the child.

"We also would like to think that Mr. Tulfo had such high regard for the capabilities of our doctors at PGH that he took the time and effort to transport the victim of the vehicular accident from where the child was actually bumped in Navotas, 13 kilometers away, and brought the patient all the way to Taft Avenue, Manila, where PGH is located," they added.

"This regard is further highlighted by the fact that despite there being multiple health facilities both public and private along the way, his hospital of choice for the victim remained to be PGH," it added.

Tulfo said that he continued taking a video because he would use it for “future legal reference”.

The hospital demands that Tulfo make a public apology for his disruptions and abusive language.

"In the light of all the facts a public apology from Mr. Tulfo is warranted and a commitment to take down ASAP the video taken at PGH as well as all objectionable related posts," the PGH said.

"It is the primary purpose of PGH to save lives. It is a difficult and often daunting task especially considering the realities of PGH. In this, our doctors are committed in dedicating their lives. It is our duty to defend against all who attempt to undermine this goal," it said.