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President Duterte is willing to expose Filipino priests on sexual abuses

President Rodrigo Duterte on tirades to the Catholic priest abusers. Image credit to South China Morning Post
Alleged cover- up of the abuse Scandal

During the alleged cover-up of the abuse scandal that is currently rocking the Catholic Church, President Duterte is eager to lend a helping hand to expose the sexual abuses of Filipino priests.

President Duterte and Cardinal Tagle. Image credit to Catholic Herald
There has been a “worldwide condemnation” on child sex abuse committed by priests said the President who asserts that he was molested by a priest during his childhood.

According to Duterte during his visit to Mandaue City, Cebu on Thursday. “Pati si Pope is the center of a turmoil because of the so many thousands, including us sa Ateneo de Davao. And we were being fondled by priests while confessing.”

He also said that “And despite worldwide now, everybody is trying to seek an opening para abrihan gyud tanan (to open everything). And I will be glad to do it here in the Philippines. Buksan mo lahat kay kasi may biktima rin [Uncover everything because there are victims].”

The words of Leoncio Evasco the President’s Secretary was being echoed by Duterte that the Catholic Church was the most hypocritical institution in the country.

Duterte to Pope Francis. Image credit to SunStar Superbalita Cebu
Duterte also believes that the fortified church will not make it to survive during the accusation of corruption and abuse. According to him it was the “time to adore God without the intervention” of the priests.

“Itong Katoliko na ito, it will not survive. Lalo na ‘pag dili na ko Presidente unya mag-wali ko (Especially when I am no longer the President and I start to lecture),” Duterte said.

Duterte also said he goes to Church “because it is quiet, silent.”

After allegedly of covering up for US cardinal in a sex abuse scandal, Pope Francis faces resignation calls.

A former Vatican consul to the US; Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, stated that Pope Francis did not mind the abuse allegations against the former bishop of the Washington Theodore McCarrick.

The pope was urged to resign due to the “conspiracy of silence” about McCarrick. Meanwhile, the cardinal has already resigned a month after the investigations has proven that he had sexually abused a minor.

The Church’s failure to address the child abuse was earlier admitted by the Pope. That kind of scandal allegations and acknowledging the said crimes were a sort of source of pain and at the same time shame for the nation.


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Source: Manila Bulletin