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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Ramos infers Imelda Marcos knew of the conspiracy behind Ninoy Aquino’s death

Former President Fidel V. Ramos / Photo from Inquirer News
In a short video taken at a news conference on Monday, former President Fidel V. Ramos claimed that the late President Ferdinand Marcos’s wife, former first lady Imelda Marcos is a living witness to the entirety of his husband’s dictatorial leadership.

The video showed that Ramos suggested Imelda has legitimate and genuine information about the assassination of late Senator Ninoy Aquino Jr., in time for his 35th Death Anniversary, but refused to enhance the details of the matter.

Ramos, during the interview, can be seen gesturing persuasion while having a dialogue with the press saying, “But in terms of the apology that I requested, it was not from Irene. It was from the mother, the head of the family...who knew everything! Including the beginning of Martial Law, including the good years before Martial Law, including what must have happened in August 1983.”
Former President Fidel V. Ramos / Photo from Rappler
The hasty burial of Marcos’ remains in the ‘Libingan ng mga Bayani’ after being flown from Ilocos Norte on November 2016 met strong oppositions taking critics to protest their way to the streets almost immediately to contradict a ‘Heroes’ Burial’ dedicated to the late strongman ‘dictator’.

Reports revealed that media entities were present the said cemetery with the knowledge that there would only be a ‘rehearsal burial’ until the sudden arrival of Philippine National Police chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa, confirming the official burial event, citing the Marcos family’s request for a ‘simple and private’ funeral rites.

The Supreme Court has finally ruled 9-5 with one abstention on November 8, 2016 granting the burial of Marcos’ body the Hero’s Cemetery after several extensions.
Imelda Marcos / Photo from kalibrr
Read some reactions from netizens below:

Wellie Weling: I hope this people will tell all the stories they know about this case before they die. Para maliwagan man lang ang mga tao and most specially those soldiers who were convicted na inutosan lang sila.

Rayver Santos: knowledge pero sino ba talaga . Si Ramos daw ang may pakana niya yung Theory kasi hindi siya inindorse ni Cory si Mitra ang bata ni Cory pero dinaya si Mirriam .... yan ang sabi sabi ng mga bubwit... HUWAATTTTT

Rich Sevilla: Nyahaha! Nagpapatawa si Tabako! Philstar, hanggang ngayon tanga pa rin kayo. Alam ng lahat kung sino nagpapatay sa pekendos na hero na yan. Kaya nga Simeon ang gamit na middle name ni Abnoy dahil hindi nya maatim gamitin ang Cojuangco dahil alam nya mismo kung sino.


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Source: philstar.com