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Friday, August 3, 2018

Secretary Martin Andanar slammed for inefficiency as PCOO Secretary

PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar, photo from ABS-CBN
The Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) is currently under the leadership of Secretary Martin Andanar. As the lead communication operations agency in the Philippines, the PCOO should take charge of all important and significant issues or events in the country, especially if it concerns the President or the Filipino public per se. 

However, for the past two years, some of the supporters of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte notice the inefficiency of the PCOO Secretary.

Cite for example the failure to cover the Senate hearing on electoral reforms through the government channel (PTV4) where reform activist and lawyer Atty. Glenn Chong divulged the fraud scheme last May 2016 elections which involves COMELEC and Smartmatic. As to some, it could have been of great significance as it revealed evidences on the alleged fraud during the previous national elections. 
Secretary Martin Andanar, photo from ABS-CBN
In relation to this, RJ Nieto, the man behind Thinking Pinoy blog, recently published a Facebook post that flows on the same vein which is basically wary of the PCOO Secretary enumerates or elaborates certain premises which support the assertion that Andanar is an inefficient Communication Secretary. 



Everybody knows that Social Media played a big part in making Pres. Rody Duterte win the 2016 Elections, mainly because Duterte supporters dominated Facebook, the network-of-choice for over 50 million Filipinos.

Hence, common sense dictates that after Duterte's 2016 win, the administration should be enhancing its social media assets because winning the elections is just the first step and governing is a whole 'nutha ball game.
President Rodrigo Duterte and Secretary Martin Andanar.From Martin Andanar's Facebook page
However, instead of doing so, the Presidential Communications (Government of the Philippines) sucked up to the largely anti-administration traditional media and neglected its supporters.

First, the president authorized a MalacaƱang Bloggers' Corps after I asked him if it can be created, but PCOO Sec. Andanar actively blocked it. Why? Because he's too scared of what traditional media will do to him. Andanar DID NOT follow the president's wishes because he's too scared of Pia?

Second, the administration has been extending perks to traditional media workers, even going as far as creating a Presidential Task Force on Media Security, yet MalacaƱang can't even help bloggers get blue verification badges from Facebook.

Third, they did nothing to prevent the infiltration of Facebook by Liberal Party stalwarts who, for all we know, are actively finding ways to defang major pro-Duterte pages and even posts that in one way or another may benefit the administration.

The list goes on and on, and I am already sick and tired of enumerating PCOO's shortcomings for the past two years.

Martin Marfori Andanar, this is on you.

If Noynoy Aquino's PCOO can do so much magic for its principal, then why can't you?" 


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 Source: Thinking Pinoy