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Monday, August 13, 2018

Sobrang pahirap! Well-known writer blames Grace Poe over horrendous Manila traffic

Senator Grace Poe, photo from Manila Bulletin
Well-known writer Krizette Laureta Chu on Friday slams Senator Grace Poe, chairman of Senate committee on Public Services, in an open letter.

Chu criticized Poe for going against the public call asking to grant President Rodrigo Duterte with emergency powers so as to immediately respond to the horrendous traffic crisis in Metro Manila. 

In her Facebook post, addressed to Senator Poe, Krizette Chu expressed her wary sentiments and resentments to the female legislator. 

Senator Grace Poe, photo from Philstar

"Dear Grace Poe, just so you know I blame you for this horrendous traffic. For every time I am late not because I dont keep good time but because Ive been used to saving a certain number of hours for my trip, only to see Waze adjusting my ETA for another hour.  ANOTHER HOUR! Not minutes, but hour long adjustments!
Metro Manila traffic, photo from Krizette Chu's Facebook
And dont tell me to leave my home earlier. It is unjust to ask of anyone to prepare three hours for what is, without traffic, a 30 minute trip, and with traffic, an hour and half trip.

I blame you because you are indecisive, unthinking, and inefficient, and because you couldnt decide swiftly when Duterte asked for emergency powers.

i will remind everyone how incapable you are especially because you're up for reelection next year and I dont want to pay you anymore with my tax money. If it were up to me Id have fired you long ago.

Now if you dont want the blame and the wrath of the Filipino people, and want to transfer the blame on someone else, then give Duterte emergency powers, so that if it doesnt work out, you are off the hook and we can blame the President himself.

Sobrang pahirap."

Krizette Chu also added: 

"By the way, I can separate my despair and disappointment in Senator @Grace Poe's inefficiency in dealing with the traffic woes of this country with my gratitude for her that she never said YES to Mar when he asked her to give up her Presidential bid so that he benefits from her votes. For that, I will forever be grateful. As in. Can you imagine how easy it would have been for Mar to rig the votes if he could justify that Grace's votes were given to him? So yes, I sort of feel bad when I harangue Grace Poe about things because if it were not for her firm resolve not to give way to Mar, and when she acknowledged Duterte's win first among all other Presidentiables, Mar Roxas and LP would still be running this country."


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Source: Krizette Laureta Chu