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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sonza calls for Sec. Menardo Guevarra to fire the 5-minute lady: "She is a disgrace to the DOJ!"

Photo credit to, Gadget Addict and Mr. Sonza's Facebook page
What might have been a simple incident of being issued a parking ticket transformed into an all-out brawl concerning a bunch of traffic enforcers, police and two motorist, after the driver declined to hand her license for illegal parking.

A video from Gadget Addict, a vlog which takes after the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) caught the incident where the MMDA was in the process of securing the driver for unlawful parking yesterday, August 14.

The video started at a moment that the driver was requested to stop her vehicle along the edge. The woman at that point asks in a raised voice the rule for towing.

MMDA's Task Force Special Operations, attempted to converse with her serenely and said there was a "five-minute rule" where the truck blares the horn. However the woman demanded other wise and refused to comply with the officers instructions.

She then kept on nagging that her infringement of the five-minute rule still couldn't seem to be provem, regardless of the fact that she was informed beforehand that she had illicitly parked her vehicle.

The enforcer, with the last name Azures, with his motorcycle who had been hit by her car, attempted to address her so she could turn over her license. But the woman blamed Azures for hindering her direction, however he said it is because she was resisting apprehension. Despite everything, the woman still declined to compromise regardless of whether the enforcer clarified that her vehicle was over the sidewalk, and that in itself was a violation.

The woman was soon joined by her husband, who like her wife refused to listen to authorities, and rather started to seethe against the enforcer, asserting that his wife was pregnant and could get a miscarriage because of stress.

However, Azures said they needed to file a police report due to the mishap, but the man, now in an angrier tone, rehashed that the wife was bleeding and then drove away.

The video appears to have stirred up netizens, gathering millions of views and more than hundred thousand comments. A lot of people sympathized for the officers and expressed their dismay to the couple.

One of  those who showed his rage to the arrogant couple is no other than veteran broadcaster and former TV host, Jay Sonza.

In his latest Facebook posts, the veteran journo shared photos of the '5-minute lady' who is said to be a lawyer, a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University and a prosecution officer of Department of Justice (DOJ).

Photos shared by Mr. Jay Sonza (Credit to his Facebook page and PHLRC Riders
Sonza likewise explained to the woman that nobody took her "5 minutes" away, thus, made her extremely famous now.

He then identified her violations and asked DOJ Secretary Menardo Guevarra to fire the woman since she is a disgrace to his office.

Check out his full posts below: 

Post 1

Screenshot of Mr Sonza's post (Credit to his Facebook page)

"Ang abusadang babaeng "where is my 5-minutes" at kilala na.

Isang abogadang graduate ng ateneo de manila university at prosecution officer ng Department of Justice."

Post 2

Screenshot of Mr Sonza's post (Credit to his Facebook page)

"where is my 5 minutes?

miss prosecutor, nobody took your 5 minutes away, in fact ang kasikatan nyo mahigit pa sa 5 minutes ngayon. you simply violated the law..

1. illegal parking

2. hit and run

3. damage to property

4. alarm and scandal

5. resisting arrest

6. arrogance of power

7. ethical standards

8. numbers coding

Justice Sec. Menardo will you please fire this lady, she is disgrace to the Department of Justice"