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Friday, August 3, 2018

The Conversation between the blogger and an American authority who attempts to assemble knowledge about the Vice Presidential elections

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In Jose Alejandrino's post, he said that he had a discussion with a 'specific' John, saying that the American authority affirmed that there's claimed swindling occurred amid the last Presidential decisions which came about to the annihilation of previous Senator Bongbong against Vice President Leni.

John said that the 2016 elections had such a large number of indiscretions; this is according to a transcript which was posted by Alejandrino. Some police commanders paid the general population who additionally supposedly helped Maduro's triumph amid the Venezuela races, he asserted.

(A part of the transcription)
ALEJANDRINO: Was it clean or relatively clean?
JOHN: No. There was a lot of fiddling.
ALEJANDRINO: Who? Smartmatic?
JOHN: From what we know it was three guys sent there paid by some police generals. Same guys who operated in Venezuela during the Maduro election.
When he was asked, who’s the brain of the election fraud? He answered that it was an order from a specific “Aquino”.
(A part of the transcription)
ALEJANDRINO: It figures. Do you know who gave the order to fiddle?
JOHN: We think the order came from Aquino.
John additionally uncovers a few subtle elements on how the duping was arranged, saying that individuals behind the race extortion dismissed the arrangement to control the Presidential votes in light of the wide edge picked up by President Rodrigo Duterte.

(A part of the transcription)
ALEJANDRINO: Where was the fiddling?
JOHN: From what we know, they hit Duterte first but when his lead became too wide, they dropped the idea. It would have been too obvious. So they focused on making sure Marcos didn’t win. They narrowed the gap so Robredo would make it. She won by a small margin. 200,00O votes?

ALEJANDRINO: How many did they shave off from Duterte?
JOHN: Our info is just over a million. He should have gotten 17.7 million.
ALEJANDRINO: That’s pretty close to the estimate I gave you. I said between 17 to 18 according to the private polls I took.
President Duterte said has lost a million votes amid the decision as a result of the endeavored control, not withstanding, regardless he won due to the wide edge that he got, said John. Be that as it may, the fraudster made a triumph in the Vice Presidential count, where Marcos lost to Robredo by just 200,000 votes.

(A part of the transcription)
ALEJANDRINO: What about Marcos? My estimate was 2 million.
JOHN: His real tally was 1.5 million over Robredo. But they switched it around. Also they fiddled Escudero. About half a million. Escudero’s real score was 5.3 million.
ALEJANDRINO: So Robredo should have gotten only 12 million.
JOHN: That’s right.
John guaranteed that Marcos won by 1.5M votes over Robredo, however the fraudster exchanged it around. He also said that the fraudster likewise diminished the votes of Sen. Chiz Escudero who's likewise running for Vice Presidency amid that time. In the Senatorial Race, he said that Tolentino, Osmena, Romualdez and Alunan were likewise focused by the fraudster.

(A part of the transcription)
ALEJANDRINO: What about the senatorial race?
JOHN: A lot of fiddling there too. They wanted to make sure Drilon, Villanueva, Pangilinan, Recto and De Lima got into the first twelve.

ALEJANDRINO: At whose expense?
JOHN: Tolentino, Osmena, Romualdez and Alunan. Those were the guys they deducted.
ALEJANDRINO: Damn. Two of them were my friends. I couldn’t understand how Raffy Alunan only got less than 2 million. That means Serge Osmena should have been among the first twelve.
JOHN: What they took from Osmena they gave to De Lima. But what they deducted from Alunan wouldn’t be enough to push him to the first twelve.
ALEJANDRINO: What they deducted from Tolentino went to who?
JOHN: Recto.
ALEJANDRINO: Drilon and Villanueva got 18 million votes each. Did they really get that much?
JOHN: Our info shows Drilon only got 16 million. Villanueva about the same. They would still be in the first twelve despite the fiddle. Pangilinan only got 14 million. He would have still been in the first twelve.

Marcos lost almost 1,000,000 votes as a result of the affirmed race misrepresentation, Atty Chong said. He also said that the "inconsistency" uncovered by Senate President Vicente Sotto III was the reason how Marcos has been crushed amid the Vice Presidential race.
During the Senate probe on alleged election fraud in 2016, Some of these has been already brought up by Chong. Smartmatic used two Domain Name Systems (DNS) amid the 2016 races, as indicated by the Tito Sotto's proof,

DNS A – Server 1 (SRVCNTADNS01) which was initially utilized from May 9, 5:01 pm to May 10, 2:59 am
DNS B – Server 2 (SRVCNTADNS02) which was then utilized from May 10, 2:59 am to May 11, 6:46 pm


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