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The Padilla Saga: Interesting information about Arnold Padilla

Mug shot of Arnold Padilla / photo credit to NCRPO

After the arrest of businessman Arnold Padilla yesterday, who was caught on video abusing and manhandling a barangay traffic enforcer together with his partner and his bodyguards, interesting information about him also came out in public.

Online commentator Mark Lopez has revealed some data about Padilla, who is known as a tough guy and the terror of law enforcers in the rich man’s enclave of Magallanes.

According to Lopez, the Padilla family used to own a shipping line, very well landed and with several prime properties in Binondo and other areas in Manila, and Baguio. 

Arnold Padilla is said to be making at least P1 million a month from property rentals alone, says Lopez Facebook post. But members of the family have also been involved in violent incidents in the past.

Arnold’s father, Don Ramon, is allegedly responsible for the death of a sibling by planting a car bomb in Baguio City.

In an article of columnist Jojo Robles in the Manila Times, it was said that Ramon’s sibling was Isabel Abes and that he confessed on kiIIing his own sister in 2013, according to a first cousin of Arnold named Manuel Padilla in 2013.

‘Abes was reportedly kiIIed so that Ramon Padilla could inherit her properties.’ The article says.

Meanwhile, Arnold himself and his mother, Arlene, were charged with murder and frustrated murder for the death of Arnold’s own sister, Yvonne Padilla-Chua.

Yvonne was kiIIed by a “gift bomb” that was allegedly sent to her by Arnold and their mother Arlene in December 2010 brought by house help of the latter to the Chua residence.*

Manuel also claimed in 2013 to be in possession of an affidavit signed by the late Alberto Padilla, a brother (who has also died), identifying Arnold and his mother Arlene as the kiIlers of Yvonne.

“They stand to gain hundreds of millions because of [Yvonne’s] death,” Manuel Padilla said in a press conference five years ago.

Proceeds from shares of stocks in Yvonne's name, and proceeds from leases of the family's properties, are now all going to Arnold's pockets, Manuel claimed.

Meanwhile, Arnold’s partner Glocel Razon, who was one of those who beat up the barangay traffic enforcers who stopped them for beating a red light in the now-viral video, she is said to be a niece of retired Manila police chief Gen. Avelino Razon.

Arnold Padilla has been brought to Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig according to reports after police officers who arrested him denied his request to be brought to a hospital in Quezon City instead, after complaining of chest pain.

Arnold Padilla with partner Glocel Razon / photo grabbed from Philstar