US-based blogger hits Mocha on 'pepedederalismo' video: 'wrong people for federalism, wag ninyong dadaanin sa biro' - The Daily Sentry

Sunday, August 5, 2018

US-based blogger hits Mocha on 'pepedederalismo' video: 'wrong people for federalism, wag ninyong dadaanin sa biro'

Composite photo of Edwin Jamora from his Facebook account and Mocha Uson from RMN PH

Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Margaux "Mocha" Uson is facing yet another controversy after the now-viral “pepederalismo” video, where a co-host on her online show Andrew Olivar danced in a way that others find it lewd and offensive.

Olivar chanted "I-pepe" and "i-dede" while gesturing to his crotch and chest while dancing, which drew flak from Uson’s critics.

Even some of President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters expressed their disappointment at Mocha for not taking Federalism seriously.

On his Facebook post, US based blogger and accountant Edwin Jamora, said that maybe “they” (referring to Uson and Olivar) are not the right person to bring awareness to the masses about federalism.

Jamora, who extremely supports the government shift to federalism stressed some points that an influencer like Mocha must have.

His complete Facebook post reads:



And you have no clue whatsoever how we moved from that life to this life we have now. And it is not wrong to ask that the same opportunity be given to our people na naiwan sa mga barrio barrio namen who continue to suffer dahil sa kademonyohan nang sistema naten and so these stuff like pepe and dede has no place in the serious national issue like federalism.

If you have nothing positive to contribute - say nothing. Shut your mouth. Close your facebook account. Bid goodbye to social media.

If you want to join the national blast on Federalism and help the nation understand this concept, then kabaklaan shit should be put aside. Federalism awareness and making sure the masses understand the concept means adding value and not making them bobo.

If you are a blog personality with hundreds and/or millions of followers - YOU ARE AN INFLUENCER. As an influencer learn emotional intelligence because once you stand in front of the masses, its not about you anymore.

Are you able to inspire? Or nag-re-revolt ang audience mo?

What about your presentation? Napapa-wow ba sila or na-papa-putang ina?!

What about awareness? Do you recognize their rage sa ginawa mo? Or wala kang pakealam?

What about organizational awareness? Are you acting within your zone meaning tama ba sa in-assign sayo? Or you have now acted outside of your script?

What about adaptability? Are you thinking na just because 5 million followers mo, therefore 5 million believe and agree on what you are selling? Or because you have this so many followers anything you do ay relatable dun sa iba outside nang following mo?

What about social awareness? Tama ba ang reading mo sa kanila? Aware ka ba na matutuwa sila sa mga gagawin mo? Alam mo ba kung ano ang pinag-iinitan nila that once you act in front of them tatadtarin ka nang i love you or i hate you?

Just recently, na-dyaryo ang isang influencer from Kuwait. We should all learn from her. Wala syang pakealam. Parang yong video. Walang pakealam sa viewers who takes Federalism seriously.

I am not asking for everyone to be perfect but once in a while siguro karamihan dito sa mga Influencers na to should take a break and face themselves in the mirror, ask and rate themselves.


Because as influencers:

1.) Take responsibility - Own your mistakes. Uphold the integrity of the office your are holding and I hope merong integridad ang opisinang yan.

2.) Respect the viewers - Kahit hindi ko na gamitin ang "We." Ako lang, I want the Federalism issue be respected. And not only that, i-respeto ninyo ang viewers. The video is cheap. It's not adding value. It's an insult at nakakabobo.

3.) Positive - If you are going to talk about Federalism, what people want to hear are the positive things its going to bring into their lives. Focus on it especially the masses. Its the masses stupid! Its not you!

4.) Emphathy - Can you truly and emphatically understand the perspectives and feelings of those who will watch your Federalism video?

5.) Passion on the subject - Ask yourself. How much do you know about Federalism and how passionate are you on the topic? Pwede ka ba talaga na salesman/woman nang Federalism?

That's right. If you don't have that passion, you will not be able to connect to the viewers.

Yun ang nangyari sa video. Yung dalawang blog personalities dun are clueless on Federalism and have zero passion on the topic kaya hindi sila nag-connect~!@#$%^&*()_

And that's the reason why I believe that they are the wrong people for teaching Federalism or making people/masses aware of the topic!


Source: Edwin Jamora