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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Walang kawala! Lady driver in viral MMDA confrontation video may face several charges, disbarment included

MMDA Special Operations Group head Bong Nebrija and the flagged driver, photo from ABS-CBN
Yesterday, August 15, a video surfaced on social media where MMDA enforcers can be seen apprehending a lady driver due to illegal parking. A day after it went viral, the driver is now in deep water. 

This, after the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) General Manager Jojo Garcia announced before the press the charges that the flagged driver can possibly face. 

In the video that drew flak from the netizens, the driver was engaged in a heated exchange versus the law enforcers as the latter were trying to tow her vehicle.  

According to the enforcers, she intentionally bumped into one of the MMDA officers' motorcycle when their team tried to prevent her the moment she attempted to run away. The beleaguered driver can be heard in the video claiming that this is untrue. 

The woman who insisted that she arrived within the 5-minute grace period (implemented by the MMDA) can also be seen in the video taunting the enforcer whose motorcycle was hit by the van, "O iyak ka na? Iyak ka na, sige (Are you going to cry? Go ahead, cry.)".

MMDA Special Operations Group head Bong Nebrija was in the scene when the incident happened.

Despite his effort to explain the traffic regulation to the driver, she repeatedly interrupted him. Later, the Special Operations Group head asked her to show her driver's license so a ticket could be issued. However, the driver refused. 

When her husband arrived, he claimed that the driver was pregnant and thus warned the MMDA officers to be held liable in case his wife suffers miscarriage. 

In a press briefing held earlier today, Garcia said that the agency already filed a complaint against the driver to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) that seeks for her suspension or worse, revocation of her license. 

Garcia added that Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra made a promise to take action against the woman who was identified as a public prosecutor.

The agency also studies if they can charge a direct assault complaint and disbarment case against the lady driver who committed a traffic violation and disrespected the enforcers.

In addition, Nebrija also elaborated the cases that they may file against the prosecutor.

If the Special Operations Group head is to decide anent such, it may be the following: illegal parking, color coding, arrogant driver, and short chase.

Garcia, meanwhile, urges the public not to argue with the law enforcers whom, according to him, he would back until the end as long as they are doing their job right and would be give proper sanction accordingly if it's the other way around.

"Iyung simple traffic violation po, huwag na kayong makipag-away, ibigay niyo lang po iyung lisensya niyo, titiketan kayo, tapos na. Wala pa pong 1 minute, 2 minutes iyan tapos na kaagad kaysa magkaroon ng confrontation," he said.

(When it comes to a simple traffic violation, do not argue [with the enforcer], just hand your license over, you will be issued a ticket, then it's finished. In less than one minute, two minutes it is over, instead of having a confrontation.)

They, the couple, were able to leave immediately when the MMDA officers let them go yesterday. The reason being was because her husband claimed that they need to go to the hospital as soon as possible to have her checked since she is pregnant.

Watch the videos below:

Sources: ABS-CBN Radio Dagundong ANC

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