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Monday, August 20, 2018

WATCH | Duterte appears on Facebook live, tells Joma Sison: You are the one who is comatose! You are the one who is sick!

Pres. Duterte and Joma Sison, photo from Rappler
In the middle of the malicious rumor spreading that concerns the health of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, the President himself appeared in a live video on Facebook, seemingly teasing those who spread the baseless gossip: alive and kicking!

The claim about the aggravated health condition of the President came from the founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines Joma Sison.

It was also on Facebook that Sison shared his alleged knowledge about the President’s health, Sunday evening. There, the communist leader said that the 73-year-old president is comatose.

According to a report, Sison mentioned that the people who saw Pres. Duterte "reported that the darkness of his face had become aggravated from its appearance the other day and that his walk and handshake had become more unstable".

The said event was the national convention of the President's San Beda Law fraternity Lex Talionis Fraternitas on Saturday.

The post of the CPP leader was accompanied with a photo that was said to be taken during the event which was closed to the media.

"The latest report (still to be verified or negated) is that Duterte has gone into coma since the afternoon or evening of today, Sunday, August 19. The report is still being verified by the press from the Palace," Sison said.

The live video of Pres. Duterte shows otherwise.

The President's Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, on the other hand, lambasted Sison’s claim.

In a text message, he said, "Absolutely false. Perhaps that is the wish of Joma Sison hence when he is fed with the wrong information on PRRD's [President Duterte’s] health he easily believes in it".

The palace, meanwhile, was quick to deny Sison's claim in a press conference and urged the public not to listen to him, whom the Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque described as a "spent revolutionary and not a doctor".

"As usual, Joma Sison does not know what he talks about. How would he know about the state of health of the President when he is in faraway Netherlands", the spokesperson continued.

When Roque was asked about the alleged darkening of the President's face, he answered,"I don’t know maybe he was just not wearing powder".
Photo from ABS-CBN
This is because, according to him, the President is always wearing powder.

"Normally the President [is] wearing powder; maybe there was just a photo taken of him without powder. So I don’t see anything extraordinarily different from the color of the President’s face", he said.

The same mentioned that Pres. Duterte is "fine and well" in Davao, participating in their city's festival called Kadayawan.

Roque also asked the President's critics to stop wishing him ill and said, "Every time you wish him ill lalong lumalakas; kasing lakas naman ng kabayo ang Presidente".

In the video of Pres. Duterte, the Special Assistant to the President Bong Go was seen holding the phone to take their live Facebook video.

Saying that Sison is the one suffering from illness, Pres. Duterte said, "I'm alive—fairly healthy and I'm having dinner with a beautiful lady from Davao. She's Vernice, she's on leave from Harvard. I invited her to discuss some things along the way".

"I am still okay. He (Sison) said I'm comatose? How can you be comatose with a beautiful lady. If I were comatose and I see Vernice, I would really rise. That's it. You are the one who is comatose. You are the one who is sick," Duterte added.

The Mindanaoan president was referring to his female guest who was having a dinner with him at that time in a hotel in Davao City.

Mocking the communist party leader, he said, "Joma, ang wish ko sa buhay, maski wala ka nang silbi sa mundong ito, mabubuhay ka pa rin ng mga 1,000 years para ikot ng ikot ka na lang dito sa mundo (I wish you will live for 1,000  years even if you no longer have a purpose so you can roam around aimlessly on earth),".

"I think you are the reincarnation of the guy... it's a biblical... I don't know if it's in a book in the Bible. He's a guy who's been around walking around the planet Earth. And he's not dying", he continued.

A report stated that Pres. Duterte was actually referring to the Wandering Jew who was a legendary character and was doomed to walk the face of the earth until the end of the world for the reason that he taunted Jesus.

The President added that the Netherlands is already complaining anent Sison's expenses who has been on self-exile in the European country since 1987.

"You frequent the hospital without paying your bills. You're not paying and you're abusing the hospitality of the Netherlands," the firebrand leader said.

"If you think that you are sick, come home and I will bring you to the place—it's called Bilibid. There, we will provide you with a space: a bed and... plenty to keep you company," Duterte added.

Watch the video below:

Sources: GMA Philstar

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