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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Writer says movie script on Ninoy Aquino story is ready

Ninoy Aquino lifted by security after he was fatally shot at MIA on August 21, 1983 / photo grabbed from CNN

Manila, Philippines – An article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer reveals that there is movie script ready on late opposition leader Ninoy Aquino’s assassination.

The report said that a certain freelance writer named Chris Viriña has spent 18 years to dig almost every piece of document related to the Aquino death, which includes events and incidents preceding it.

Viriña has written a film script that delves not only on who ordered, “Planned and executed the murder of Aquino upon his arrival from exile in the United States, but, more importantly, why he was silenced with a single bullet to the head.”

Viriña, 54, son of veteran radio-TV-film scriptwriter Loida Flores Viriña, said that he did a lot of research on the subject before writing the first draft of the story.

When asked on what encouraged him to write the script, Viriña said that “Because nobody has dared, and it seems there’s something wrong with that part of our history and also what’s happening today.”

According to inquirer’s article, the freelance writer grew under martial law and was only fresh out of college – when Aquino was shot at the airport.

In order to write the script, it was said that Viriña went through the fact-finding commission that former President Marcos formed to investigate the case of Aquino. He had also watched videos, and read numerous articles related to the past.

Viriña also went to the National Library to read up on Aquino to get a better appreciation of the opposition leader.

On his research, Viriña said that he found out about Jose Fronda Santos - an erstwhile bodyguard of Aquino and ex-member of a government death squad.*

Santos allegedly told the Agrava Commission that Aviation Security Command chief Luther Custodio, who headed the airport security on the day of Aquino’s return, to spy on Aquino in the United States, and if the opportunity presented itself, to kill the opposition leader.

Custodio, on the other hand, denied the allegations.

“Santos repeated his testimony in his affidavit submitted to the US House subcommittee on Asia and Pacific affairs, which stated that the instructions to assassinate the former senator came from former President Marcos and Gen. Fabian Ver” the article says.

“Santos fled the country in January 1984 and has asked for political asylum in the United States.” It added.

The writer disclosed that he gave Cory Aquino the initial draft of his script, for her comments. But he was unable to meet with her before she died.

People Power or EDSA Revolution / photo via greatvalueplus

Source: Inquirer