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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Another Revelation From JPE, 1Trillion Ghost Projects Under Cory Aquino Administration

Juan Ponce Enrile and former President Cory Aquino, photo from
Denounced by the so-called “yellowtards” lately for an interview conducted by Bongbong Marcos regarding Martial Law, Juan Ponce Enrile has claims against Cory Aquino’s administration which run from 1986 to 1990.

Fake News In Aquino Administration 

According to JPE, in order to save Cory’s downward spiraling popularity back then, the latter spread fake news. Referenced from the late President’s State of the Nation Address, Enrile takes that Aquino stated several government projects which seems invisible up to this day. Here is a rundown of Enrile’s declaration on Aquino’s 1 Trillion ghost projects.

Major Roads 

In Cory’s claims of 3,365 kilometers of major roads and more than 18 thousand kilometers of feeder roads in just a span of 4 years is impossible. Added to that, the length that takes North to South is just 1,851 kilometers only. Moreover, JPE suggests that Aquino and her Cabinet members should attest to such claims of Aquino on her 1990 SONA, as he himself did not ever see such roads.

Enrile also noticed the 27,530 hectares of farmlands that benefitted 18,500 farmers as not true. He’s been questioning the locations of the said farmlands because if it really exists, then why is the country still importing rice and corn up to this day.

Water Supply

In the claims of Cory that 7 million families benefitted from the 51,820 water supply projects back then is  fake news as well. JPE shared that whenever he visits rural areas, people have been asking him about public funds for a water supply project. Furthemore, if this is true, then the 51,820 water supply project is too much to supply the 41,000 barangays in the country. Then it is over budgeted.

To sum up all the project claims by Cory Aquino administration, it will fall to 1 trillion peso, as per JPE. However, if such projects aren’t just an imagination, then Filipinos in this generation should be immensely enjoying the fruits of such huge projects and experiencing a good quality of life.