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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Canadian political analyst attacks PH mainstream media

Amir Assadollahi, a Canadian political commentator, and also a supporter of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, recently posted on his Facebook page an attack towards some media entities in the Philippines, which he says are the main reason why there is a proliferation of fake news in the country.
Amir Assadolahi / Photo from Facebook

According to Assadollahi, news entities like Maria Ressa, ABS-CBN, GMA, Rappler, Inquirer, along with some political entities like Chair of the Human Rights Chito Gascon, Senator Leila de Lima, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, among others, are the people who are the main ones who spread this fake news.

Along with this, he says that these people, most importantly the mainstream corporate news organizations, have “the responsibility to do an honest investigative journalism”. However, he says that these entities are “still playing politics”.

Assadollahi then goes on to list down these people who puts a stopper in the quality of journalism in the country. He accuses Gascon of being a liar, as well as a corrupt politician, along with De Lima, Trillanes, Hontiveros, and Robredo.
Gascon, De Lima, Trillanes, Hontiveros and Robredo / Composite photos from Esquire Philippines, Philippine Star, Manila Times, Manila Bulletin and Inquirer

More than that, Assadollahi said that these people also have ties to the media and use these media entities to forward their cause. He also said that they are paying people within the media in order to make sure that their causes are always forwarded.

“So, why the mainstream corporate news does not write about the facts as they are? Lies always can be exposed, because it takes a lot of work to maintain lies, and the lies of those so called human rights champions are in the open already - visible to the naked eyes,” says Assadollahi.

Read his full post here:

"And whose fault is that for creating a false report on the Philippines? Maria Ressa, ABS-CBN, Gascon, GMA, Rappler, Inquirer, De Lima, Trillanes, the corrupt Catholic church leaders, the lack of interest by the U.N. Commission on Human Rights to accept the invitation to visit the Philippines, etc, etc!

Let’s not play all these games. While the news mainstream corporate news organizations had the responsibility to do an honest investigative journalism, they played and are still playing politics. The CNN Philippines is as guilty as the rest.

Gascon is a lier and has political link and political interests with the opposition to the Duterte administration and their reforms, and the so called human rights defenders are the defenders of crooks, corrupts, criminals and drug dealers. Where do we draw the line? The criminals and corrupt people destroying the lives and livelihood and the future of an entire nation or the right of the criminals and corrupt people who have placed themselves in high positions and fabricated image that has labeled them as the defenders of human rights?

We all know people like De Lima are corrupt and have links to criminal syndicates. We know Hontiveros is guilty of violating the trust was given to her and misusing the public money. We know Trillanes is a lier and has has to answer for crimes he has had committed. We know the government of Aquino III was one of the most corrupt governments in the Philippines. We know Robredo cheated in election. We know Gascon is in bed with them. And we know how the church is part of the same group and those media and news outlets are part of the same group and are in payroll. We know all that and more, and when a three year old get’s raped by a drug crazed and when young woman has sexual relations and killed by a priest or a thief steals an old man’s money, we call that the human rights of those rapists, murderers and thieves?! Where is the logic in that?! I see street kids rub jeepnies, I see homeless kids sleep on street while the nuns marching down on street in protest against reforms and building of law and order - so where is the logic of the those so called defenders of human rights when ignore the human lives?

I don’t have to be a “Canadian Political Scientist” to see all that, we see it all, but the questions is why the news organizations and the UN ignores seeing that? The question is why the so called human rights champions have not championed the recognition that human lives are the first pillar of human rights? If it was not for the notion of human lives, the human rights notion would not have existed, so why the lives of innocent and ordinary people is being ignored while the rights and lives of criminals and corrupt is being championed?
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You got things all wrong. The moment that you chaired a criminal as your Commissioner on Human Right and made her look like a champion and later turned that same criminal into your Secretary (Minister) of Justice, you made a mockery of the whole notion of human rights and justice. The moment you made a mutineer, hostage taker and a failed coup maker as your Senator, you made a joke of all laws and made mockery of the Senate that supposed to be the balance of power. Those champions of human rights that the U.N. is talking about are nothing but crooks, criminals and corrupt people, and they are trembling in fear for now that the justice is in town. This whole thing is like a bad Western movie with the same theme, and the theme is this: “There is a New Sherif in Town, and that Sherif is bringing the law and order back in to the down, and all the wanted posters are up - and they are no human rights champions but crooks and criminals dressed in nice suites that they stole from the back of people”.

So, why the mainstream corporate news does not write about the facts as they are? Lies always can be exposed, because it takes a lot of work to maintain lies, and the lies of those so called human rights champions are in the open already - visible to the naked eyes."