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DUTERTE: Arrest Trillanes

President Rodrigo Duterte on the amnesty of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Image credit to Change Scamming
Trillanes had not admitted his guilt

After denying his pardon in light of the fact that the previous Navy officer who staged an uprising 15 mutiny 15 years ago had not applied for amnesty, Duterte has requested the arrest of his critic which is Senator Trillanes IV.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV after President Rodrigo Duterte. Image credit to SunStar Davao
Dated August 31st in Proclamation No. 572, first on Tuesday, through a publication in a broadsheet, Duterte said that Trillanes had not admitted his guilt.

“The absence of an application and admission of guilt makes the amnesty granted to the senator in 2011 void from the start” Duterte said.

In connection to the Oakwood rebellion year 2003 and the attack of the Peninsula Manila year 2007 which is both occurred in Makati City, he directly coordinated with the DOJ and the AFP to pursue all criminal and administrative cases against Trillanes.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Image credit to SunStar Davao
The PNP and AFP was also tasked by Duterte with arresting Trillanes to stand on the trial court for his alleged crimes.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said that “The past finally caught up with Senator Trillanes,”
in Israel, Tuesday where the President is on an official visit.

The former putsch pioneer did not file an official amnesty application form as bore witness to by an August 30 affirmation from Lt. Col. Thea Joan Andrade, chief of discipline, law and order division of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff of Personnel, Duterte said in the proclamation.

Duterte also said that “Trillanes also never admitted his guilt for taking part in the Oakwood mutiny and Manila Peninsula siege during the administration of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo”

At the point when the Proclamation No. 75 which is the granting amnesty to Trillanes and several other mutineers was issued, he was already facing trial before the military council. He was under trial for a rebellion case in the Makati Regional Trial Court.

On Tuesday, Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said that  “reviewing the validity of an amnesty proclamation could be done at any time.”

No need for Congress nod on Trillanes amnesty void —Guevarra. Image and caption credit to GMA Network
The order of the President to arrest Trillanes and Guevarra was clarified and stemmed from the court martial proceedings that were prematurely ended when the amnesty was supposed to be conceded.

He said that “the review of the amnesty granted to Trillanes was discussed as far back as 2013 by the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) and Malacañang lawyers.”

The military will reassemble a general court martial for Trillanes in the wake of Duterte’s order.

Col. Edgard Arevalo, AFP spokesperson said that the repudiation of the amnesty would bring Trillanes back to his former status as a military officer with the rank of Navy lieutenant.

“Being reverted to active military service also meant that the senator would have to be taken into military custody” Arevalo said.

It was the OSG that questioned about Trillanes’ application for absolution with the AFP office of the vice president of staff for personnel, the records custodian, said Arevalo.

“There was no available record on file,” he said.

The document was not missing but rather it was just simply “not found at the time” of the Solicitor General's request, said Arevalo.

On Tuesday, requesting the issuance of an alias warrant of arrest and hold departure order against Trillanes, DOJ filed a motion at the Makati RTC.

Senator Antonio Trillanes interviewed by the media for his amnesty. Image credit to Inquirer
The Senator could not conjure his legislative immunity as the offense was penalized by more than six years, said Guevarra.

Judge Andres Soriano of the Makati RTC Branch 148, at 3:15pm Tuesday, said that he received the DOJ’s “very urgent” ex parte omnibus movement for the court to issue a warrant of arrest and hold departure order against Trillanes.

“I still have to review the records,” Soriano said, noting that Trillanes’ case involved 53 volumes of court documents.

After  the retirement of Judge Oscar Pimentel, the coup d’etat case against Trillanes was diminished in 2011, by then Judge Ma. Rita Sarabia, said Soriano.


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Source: Inquirer