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Friday, September 28, 2018

Duterte, on his continued criticism against Catholic Church, finally gains Foreign support

Sherry Zimmer and President Rodrigo Duterte / Composite photos from Facebook and ABS-CBN News
Independent Foreign Consultant residing in the Philippines poses her intent to help President Rodrigo Duterte in disclosing ‘the sexual abuses of Filipino priests amid the alleged cover-up of the abuse scandal rocking the Catholic Church.’

One that would link to the greater immense of Catholic Church’s political influence with millions of people yet turned out to have only been the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as more and more similar cases of sex abuse committed by not less than the Priests and Bishops began to surface.

Sherry Zimmer would have initially wanted to expose the scandal of which the world – famous Irish Missionary Priest, Fr. Shay Cullen of Preda Foundation was involved. But since President Duterte is keen to tormenting the Catholic Church’s denial to investigate its own, Zimmer felt compelled to come after the legacy of Aries C. Rufo, famous for authoring the controversial ‘Altar of Secrets’.
Sherry Zimmer / Photo from Facebook
In his words, Sherry quoted the President saying, “I have nothing against them, but the problem is they never really investigated the cases there”.

“I knew that the church knew about this and the homosexuality all over and the philandering priest. They all keep on making this facade of righteousness and everything, when they know that after all they’re also a bunch of s*** because we are all humans,” the President added.

Sherry now believes that her mission ‘has grown bigger’ since she now has links to stories of abuse committed by priests in the Philippines. She couldn’t help but ask, “Should I volunteer to help President Duterte - by listing all those I have been told about?”

Many of her followers admired her desire to share awareness of such controversy in hope to find justice to ‘silent’ victims particularly in the country.
President Rodrigo Duterte / Photo from presstv.com
Netizen Rolando Polosan agreed, and told Sherry through the comments,” Yes lola Sherry pls do share/show to the president the names of those priests in your list. It is now time look into the dark side of this church that we are in. Though, it's quite hard for us as catholic but but it's much harder if we keep on closing our eyes by tolerating their evil deeds. Time to work together in cleaning this religion where we belong.”

Sherry also gained an approval from a Jon T. Hermosisima saying, “Yes, Sherry! Do volunteer to help President Duterte - by listing all those you have been told about and perhaps write a book on it as a follow-through of Rufo's pioneering work. It's a mission you're cut out to do as you're talented in research, self-expression and you have the Scottish derring-do in you. All my admiration and approval.”


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Source:  Sherry Zimmer