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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Duterte slams ICC, EU anew: 'They want to send me to prison'

President Rodrigo Duterte / Presidential photo grabbed from ABS CBN

Manila, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte hits the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the European Union (EU) anew, saying they want to send him to prison.

“You’re all bulls*****. They want to send me to prison and try me for gen0cide... They’re a bunch of criminals. Show me how they died, when they died, where? Nothing,” the president said referring to ICC, in a speech at the Asia Pacific Association of Gastroenterology forum in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

“They would just say, Duterte time, 4,000 kiIled. Me kilIing 4,000? I won’t even have time to sit for a sh*t. It would keep me busy for 24 hours,” the chief executive added

President Duterte accused the ICC of imposing Western values on the Philippines, this statement after White House National Security Advisor John Bolton’s attack on the Hague-based rights body.

“What’s your problem? Who are you to run my country? That’s the problem with the European Union. They are into international governing. They create an ICC, European community, and they try to impose their values and the way they think how criminal is categorized. It’s new colonialism,” the president added

Duterte is facing complaint before the ICC over his fight against illegal drugs in the country as well as his alleged role in the supposed death squad in Davao City when he was still a mayor.

The first ICC complaint against the chief executive was filed by lawyer Jude Sabio, who counseled Edgar Matobato, a retired Davao policeman who accused the President of ordering assassinations when he was still mayor. 

Meanwhile, Magdalo party-mates Rep. Gary Alejano and Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV filed a supplemental complaint to Sabio's initial case.*

The president has withdrawn the Philippines’ ratification of the United Nations treaty that created the ICC, but it is being questioned before the Supreme Court backed by the opposition party lawmakers.
Duterte described the Rome Statue as "all bull****,"and that the EU allegedly created it so the organization could atone for the sins it committed against other countries, as he insisted that it has no jurisdiction over him.

In his latest speech in Cebu, The president also criticized the Catholic Church leaders for supposedly turning a blind eye on cases of abuse by its priests.

“They all keep on making this facede of righteousness when they know that after all they also bunch of sh*t”, he said.

“Asking cars from government, getting it free, when they know very well that there is a separation of Church and State, that no money of the government should be spent for benefit of religion,” Duterte added.

The chief executive once again compared the difference of his “God” and the Catholic Church.

“If you marry, you pay. Burial, you pay. Baptism you pay. That’s why I said your God is not my God. Your God is stupid. My God has a lot of common sense,” the president said

Source: ABS CBN