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Fake news much? SM Supermarket urges netizens not to engage with the misleading photo on pepper price

Screenshot from SM Market's Facebook page
Due to the inflation rate that is now at its peak brought by different factors, reports anent the issue is all over the place, unfairly putting all the blame to the government alone.

With some news that are out to mislead the public to cause confusion and panic, facts are being exaggerated if not totally twisted.

Recently, there were posts from Facebook page of some networks from mainstream media that seem to deliberately bolster fear and alarm to the people. Apparently, these are being done to ride on the problematic status of the country's economy and thus, put the administration in a bad light.

Apart from the Filipino public, one of the main victims of this malicious news being spread on social media is the SM Supermarket.

Fortunately, the concerned supermarket was quick enough to refute the posts that instill fearmongering which are hiding behind the guise of 'credible' and 'helpful' news.

On Friday, at the height of emerging reports arousing alarm, the SM Markets, a page for SM Supermarket, Hypermarket and Savemore, released a statement aimed at the inaccurate information being fed by the media to the consumers.

In a statement released on Facebook, SM directly pointed out that what is being shared on social media regarding their pepper pricing is 'not accurate'.

"The photo currently being circulated on social media regarding the price of pre-weighed Taiwan peppers is not accurate", it said.

The September 7 statement also attached a photo on the said post reflecting the inaccurate price of their product and the actual one.

At its conclusion, the involved supermarket encouraged everyone not to engage with what they label as an "erroneous post".

Below is the statement of SM Market's Facebook post:

On another note, below is a post from DZBB Super Radyo:

Photo credits to the owner
Source: SM Markets' Facebook page