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Monday, September 24, 2018

Foreign Independent Consultant admires the ‘Servant – Leader’ in Duterte

Photo from Bong Go
Being ‘Head of State’ surely has its own perks but President Rodrigo Duterte has chosen to shun away from all special treatments including the use of his supposed Presidential Private Jet to get from Point A to B in no time.

Various photos of him even enjoined by government executives and employees have long made rounds online. Not less than the constant guidance of his shadow facilitator, SAP Bong Go, taking Economy Class aboard domestic airliners and even passing through x-ray and metal scanners for inspection, just like a regular passenger.

Undeniably, this is just one of Duterte’s unique, admirable traits that could not even emulate by the likes of U.S. President Trump or his own predecessors.

This is how an independent foreign consultant by the name of Malcolm Conlan can only perceive behind Duterte’s character – the one that won the hearts of many Filipinos aspiring for ‘real’ change.
Malcolm Conlan / Photo from Facebook
In an unsolicited Facebook post, Malcolm shared a photo of the (napping) President alongside SAP Bong Go taking a flight in an undisclosed location aboard Coach accommodation.

Malcolm captioned his post saying, “Would you EVER see President Trump, PM Theresa May or indeed any other world leader travelling Economy?

“President Duterte is not an elitist politician, he is a working man, a servant of the Filipino people.

“I believe the Filipino people are fortunate that he has chosen to serve them. He is a man I greatly admire for his strength and determination for a better Philippines,” with hastags, #DU30
#FatherOfTheNation #HumblePresident #CebuAirways.

The post gained more than a thousand reactions from within 6 hours, as of writing, shared more than 700 times by other Netizens.
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Through the comments section, Gingging Barredo Bunag has a special message to the President, saying, “God bless our amazing and Godly PRESIDENT DUTERTE 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 We are indeed very lucky to have you lead the Philippines & its people 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 You are our country’s GEM who need to be treasured and protected 💎💎💎 Very proud indeed to be a Davaowenya”.

While Ralph Barton de Gala is keener in identifying the risk factors of the President’s commercial flight, saying, “I'm just worried about the security of our President. Keep Safe President!! The people of the Phils needs you.”


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Source:  Malcolm Conlan