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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Foreign Political Analyst Shares The Secret Of Duterte’s Popularity

Political Analyst and founder of the geo-political website Eurasia Future Adam Garrie shared the reasons why President Duterte is so wildly popular and also the most misunderstood leader in the world.

Rockstar President

In an article written by Adam Garrie himself in his Eurasia Future website, the political analyst divulged the secrets of duterte’s success. He also shared the leader’s political beliefs and accomplishments.

Here are some of the points he highlighted:

War On Drugs. The president’s war on drugs were the most maligned reform he ever had. It is also the most controversial. He received criticisms both from the domestic opposition, as well as foreign institutions such as the US Congress, the European Union, and even the UN. Despite these oppositions, he continued his all out war against drugs and criminality. Today, the country is a lot safer and the country was saved from Narco Politics.

Economic Revival. Although the inflation rate is high, the president have expanded ties with diverse countries like China and Russia and other ASEAN countries to foster economic partnerships.

Anti-Corruption. Duterte have also taken a zero tolerance approach to those corrupt members of the government. He has fired over 500 people since he took to office.

Peace here and abroad. Duterte wisely allied himself with China, instead of following the opposition’s  reckless policy of confronting with the giant. He also strengthened ties with Russia and just recently, visited Israel and Jordan.

Non-Aligned foreign policy. Aside from improving ties with China, Duterte shocked the world when he visited Russia, which promised the Philippines of providing assistance on security issues. The president is slowly but surely distancing himself from the US.

Church and State. Duterte took to heart to maintain the legal separation of Church and State. He expressed his active support to same sex union and may sooner than later sign a bill legalising Divorce in the country.

Loved By The People, Defamed By Ignorants

Millions of Filipinos and non-Filipinos admire the presidents for very simple reasons. He lives his life humbly, he serves his people courageously, and he is answerable to nobody except his people.