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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Government official attacks De Lima, Trillanes, Aquino

Government official Caloy Bueno recently laid out attacks against detained Senator Leila De Lima, recently arrested Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, and Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino, through a Facebook post.
Senators Antonio Trillanes IV, Leila de Lima and Bam Aquino / Composite photos from Manila Bulletin, Daily Tribute and GMA Network

In the post, Bueno shared a quote by Gustave Flaubert, saying “There is no truth. There is only perception”.

Bueno then started to share the issues that surround these three senators and how they perceive it to be.

For De Lima, he shared how the detained senator petitioned to disqualify the 13 witnesses that was thrown against her case. He added that the reason why De Lima wanted this was because she believed that these witnesses were not telling the truth about their testimonies.

For the case of Trillanes, Bueno said that the senator claimed that democracy is dead because of the court-mandated arrest. But democracy is not dead, says Bueno. On the contrary, democracy is very alive, he says.
Caloy Bueno / Photo from his Facebook account

Lastly, for Aquino, Bueno shared that the senator said that there is a rise in poverty and inflation and that this should be the real enemy of the administration. However, in regards to this point, Bueno says that “his perception is flawed” because according to Bueno, poverty is not an enemy.

Read his full post here:

"There Is No Truth. There Is Only Perception." ~ Gustave Flaubert

Leila De Lima's motion to disqualify the 13 witnesses against her was denied by the judge, citing a rule of court that any witness who may have perception or could perceive can give testimony. For De Lima's side, the hostile witnesses are not giving the truth in their testimonies, hence her motion to disqualify...

Antonio Trillanes IV's court-mandated arrest made him say that democracy has died in this country. That is his perception. The perception of all others, however, is that the truth is far from what Trillanes said -- democracy is very much alive, and that it caused his arrest to be in accordance with law, proper and effective...

Bam Aquino on the other hand said that it is poverty and inflation that is the enemy, not the opposition. But his perception is flawed, because poverty is not an enemy. The face of poverty may be your neighbor, your kababayan -- maybe even you yourself and I. We are not the enemy. But they are, because they use us as shields while they take potshots at the government that is trying to save us from them and from poverty..."