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Monday, September 24, 2018

Independent consultant asked: Is Etta Rosales the only rape victim of martial law?

Adolfo Mortera, a UP graduate and a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, recently posted alleging that the tortures and rapes that happened during martial law are not real and that Etta Rosales is the only rape victim during the martial law of former President Ferdinand Marcos.
Adolfo Mortera and Etta Rosales / Composite photos from Facebook and GMA Network

He says that rape victims, when there are so many of them, have “names and faces”. He likened this to the comfort women, the women who were raped during the time of Japanese colonization.

He then goes on to say that Rosales has become very popular and redundant during the commemoration of the declaration of Martial law years ago. He says that she is very popular in the many television interviews she has with the people asking her to relay her experience. Mortera however alleges that amidst these stories of Rosales, there are no medical records to support her claim.

He also says that because Mortera did not name her rapist and have no witnesses to the crime, he says that it does not make her story true.
Etta Rosales / Photo from Youtube

Mortera then poses the challenge saying that he does not believe it to be true because he did not see nor hear any other rape victim that came forward.

Ending his post, Mortera says that he does believe that there are legitimate claims of the abuses that happened during martial law, as there is those that happened during both Aquino administrations.

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The rape victims during the Japanese occupation have names and faces: the Comfort Women. In fact, there was a movie made about them long ago. Their stories are well documented, and their names and faces have been submitted to the Japanese government for compensation as victims of war crimes.
Etta Rosales / Photo credit to the owner 

To the contrary, Etta Rosales is the one and only self-proclaimed rape victim during martial law, and she has been torturing tv audiences with her narrative every year for the past 3 decades or so, sans documentation like medical report of her case. It's a one-way narrative, because she has never mentioned the name of her so-called rapist who could confirm or deny her story. Nor are there witnesses who could corroborate her accusations, considering there could be other women with her during her detention.

With due respect, I give Etta Rosales the benefit of the doubt until testimonies to the contrary are presented. But if the claims of martial law crybabies (murders, torture, and rape) are true, where are the other rape victims? If there are, they should name the soldiers who raped them so that retribution and compensation is made.

If there are none, Etta could be the one and only rape victim during martial law. I say "could be" because her story remains doubtful.

By the way, Etta has probably received compensation from the funds allotted for martial law victims because her name is listed as one of the victims.

Anti-martial law drama pays!

DISCLAIMER: There are certainly legitimate claims of other victims of martial law, as there are legitimate abuses committed by soldiers against citizens during the administration of Cory and her son BS Aquino."