Int'l political expert: “Leni Robredo is a disgrace to her office and to the country” - The Daily Sentry

Int'l political expert: “Leni Robredo is a disgrace to her office and to the country”

Combined photos of geopolitical expert Adam Garrie and Vice President Leni Robredo from Google

President Rodrigo Duterte has once again taunted his critics for saying that he cannot leave the office early because he can’t entrust the country to someone like Vice President Leni Robredo.

The chief executive said that he would rather choose a dictator in the likes of former Senator Bongbong Marcos.

“If I stop now, my crusade against drugs, and if there is I said no order in this place, ang corruption will continue, we’re dead. You’re better off choosing a dictator in the likes of Marcos, that’s what I suggested”.Duterte said in a speech in Cebu

Meanwhile, in a recent article of international geopolitical expert Adam Garrie, he noted that while the president covered many issues in his speech, the media only focused on his criticism against Robredo’s lack of intelligence and political skill.

“While those unfamiliar with the record of Vice President Leni Robredo might think that Duterte was being somewhat hyperbolic in his criticism, if anything he was being too generous. While former President Ferdinand Marcos was clearly an intelligent and capable individual, the same cannot be said about Leni Robredo.” Garrie added

“One of the many peculiarities of the broken political system in The Philippines is that the office of Vice President (VP) is elected separately from the office of President. This allows for the kind of hostile relationship between President and VP that one currently sees where President Rodrigo Duterte is being constantly undermined by VP Leni Robredo of the opposition Liberal Party.” He continued *

The political commentator even recalled one of Robredo’s mistake that she once claimed China had conducted military activities on Philippine territory when in fact she was actually referring to Woody Island which is“not claimed by The Philippines nor is it located near Philippine territory.”

“If her poor sense of geography wasn’t bad enough, she then stated that Chinese activity in the South China Sea which has not resulted in anyone being so much as mildly injured, is nevertheless the most serious threat to The Philippines since the brutal Japanese invasion and occupation of the 1940s.” Garrie wrote

Adding more to it, Garrie also brought up Robredo’s controversial trip to Germany with her Liberal Party mates where they posed for a smiling selfie inside a Holocaust Memorial, which irked the many as it was obviously inappropriate – to grin and pose for photos at a memorial to victims of genocide.

“Then in a clear effort to undermine law enforcement in The Philippines while spreading fake news about her own country, she appeared via video-link in front of a UN Commission and spewed false statistics regarding President Duterte’s war on narcotics related criminality.” The analyst added, which he said could be considered as a foreign policy blunder*

“If all of this was not bad enough, Robredo revealed a basic deficiency in her understanding of mathematics when she stated that 40×4=1,600 during a speech on commodities.” He added

Garrie cited “Leni Robredo is a disgrace to her office and to the country.”

Source: Eurasia Future