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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Lawyer explains Trillanes pending cases: ‘Checkmate na’

Senator Trillanes, photo from CNN Philippines
Lawyer Tom Berenguer belittled Trillnes’ move to post bail in his rebellion case in branch 150, saying he still need to face court marshal proceedings.

It can be remembered that Tom Berenguer was one of the lawyers who wanted to seek the impeachment of VP Robredo for betrayal of public trust and misrepresentation of her SALN. The group of lawyers however, withdrew their impeachment because President Duterte asked them to stop doing so.

We’re Not Dumb

On reports from the opposition that the move to have Trillanes put behind bars have failed because he posted bail, Tom Berenguer, lawyer and member of the academe, defended it by saying that while Trillanes may have posted bail and got his temporary liberty, he shall face the court marshal proceedings whether he like it or not.

According to the lawyer, the military tribunal will request branch 150 to turn over Trillanes to them so he can face his crimes in the military. In case he refused, the military tribunal has the authority to cancel the bail, and have him arrested anew.

In the event that the senator decided to face his crimes in the military tribunal, it is important to note that there are no bail proceedings there. And the worst punishment that can be given in the court martial proceedings is death.


It clearly looks like Senator Trillanes have no moves left in his arsenal. Aside from the case in branch 150 and the court marshal proceedings, there is also a pending case being reviewed in the sala of Judge Soriano at branch 148, and it is said to be non-bailable. As the lawyer said, “It’s Checkmate.” It’s time to admit defeat, pay for your crimes, and start again.

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Wag niyo masyado seryosohin na puede mag piyansa si pogi sa kaso sa Branch 150.

Meron pa yung court martial proceedings. Ang mangyayari, yung military tribunal ay irerequest yung Branch 150 na i turn over sa kanila si pogi. Pag di sumuko si pogi para mapasailalim siya sa military tribunal, puede i kansela yung piyansa niya at paarestuhin ng Branch 150.

Pag sumuko naman si pogi, mapapasailalim siya sa military tribunal. Walang piyansa dun. At ang kaparusahan na puedeng ipataw sa kanya ay kamatayan.

Ang puede lang magpawalang bisa sa parusang kamatayan ay ang pangulo bilang commander in chief.

Checkmate ka pogi.

Sino ngayon ang tanga?


Source: Tom Berenguer