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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Manila Times writer labelled Duterte's attack to Trillanes preposterous and immoral order

In The Manila Time’s online portal, Rachel A.G Reyes had some things today against President Rodrigo Duterte and his actions towards Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.
Rachel A.G Reyes and President Rodrigo Duterte / Composite photos from Facebook and

According to Reyes, the president has shown since before his dislike for Senator Trillanes. She alleges that she would have him dead, disappeared, or both.

Reyes called Duterte psycho-mafia-godfather and cites the president’s statement on September last year, saying that Trillanes is out to destroy him, therefore must destroy him as well, “that’s how it goes” he says.

The nation is under a gangster government,” Reyes says.
Senator Antonio Trillanes IV / Photo from The Philippine Star

She adds that because the senator has also attacked the president on a regular basis, and that he is the president’s “most ferocious and most tenacious political opponent.  He is the president’s most ferocious and most tenacious political opponent. He speaks out, relentless and undeterred. These are undeniable facts about Trillanes.”

Duterte harbors a vindictive, deep-seated hatred toward critics. We know of the killing of journalists while Duterte was mayor of Davao City. We know that Duterte will find ways to persecute and silence his critics. Sen. Leila de Lima has languished in prison, still without a trial, for almost two years. We know that Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno was ousted disgracefully. Trillanes, reportedly, should have been the first to go. Just before his election to the presidency, Duterte allegedly ordered the hit,” she says.

Reyes then goes on to say that Trillanes’ moves against the president has been increasing and more damaging lately, citing the shabu case, the insistent on signing bank waivers, and the president admitting that he lied about Trillanes’ keeping funneled money in banks in Singapore.

Trillanes has accused Duterte of stashing away a billion pesos of ill-gotten wealth. On the basis of the evidence he was able to supply, Trillanes insists that Duterte sign a bank waiver and open up his accounts to public scrutiny. He stakes his career and reputation on the truth of his claim. In September 2017, Duterte presented a counter claim — Trillanes owned offshore accounts, he gleefully announced,” Reyes said.
President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV / Photo from Manila Bulletin

With all of these, Reyes says that these were still nothing compared to the president’s attack against the senator. She says that Duterte’s revocation of Trillanes’ amnesty “by far stoops the lowest”.

Duterte’s order, which was made public last week, revoked for being void ab initio the amnesty granted to Trillanes in 2011 by then President Benigno Aquino 3rd. It is a preposterous order because of the wealth of evidence that refutes it,” she said.

It is an immoral order because it is motivated by personal enmity and seeks to persecute a political critic and cripple the political opposition. It is the order of a tyrant who is clearly contemptuous of democracy and the rule of law,” Reyes accuses the president.

Ending her piece, she says that the president is clearly relentless in attacking Trillanes and will not stop until he is down.