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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mark Lopez likens the Liberal Party to an octopus aiming to dismantle the Duterte admin

Mark Lopez, a popular supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, said recently that the opposition of the administration, the Liberal Party can be equated to an octopus that has eight tentacles but one head.
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According to Lopez, the tentacles of the Liberal Party are, the Office of the Vice President, the Catholic Church, the academe and catholic schools, the oligarchs, the elite and social climbers, the sleepers/saboteurs/rogues inside the government, the mainstream media and the drug/vice syndicates.

He says that these form of people are all within the control of the Liberal Party and are used as machinery in order to dismantle the administration.

He says that “these tentacles have been assiduous in their respective assignment to bring down the duly elected commander-in-chief”.
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He adds that they have large resources, thus powerful, and very capable to influence the mindset of the people including the youth, laborers, migrant workers, daily wage earners and the poor. He accuses them of using money and power in order to have their trust and supports.

Lopez adds that the Liberal Party can even go to the extent of getting the support of the militants or rebels.

Continuing on his post, he pictures a scenario when all of these groups team up. He says that this could be the time that they will become successful. He adds that they are doing these things in order to regain power, avoid prosecution and accountability, perpetuate their kind of governance, and monopolize their hold on the economic, social and political fronts.

Lopez calls on the people to work harder and unite “regardless of station or standing”. He says that people should “reflect deeply into these, develop the understanding, carefully observe, be discerning, and realize how we are being played and manipulated.”

He even says that those who already have been in power before should not be trusted, and that all the trust and support must be poured unto the president alone.

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On the surface, we see a lot of attacks and outrageous criticisms against the president and his administration.

They are no longer constructive in nature, and they are being incessantly thrown in order to subvert the authority and mandate of this presidency.

Like an octopus, it is actually just one group with several tentacles -- it is the disgraced and dishonorable Liberal Party.

And the tentacles?

1. The OVP
2. The Catholic Church
3. The Academe and Catholic Schools
4. The Oligarchs
5. The Elite and Social Climbers
6. The Sleepers/Saboteurs/Rogues inside the Govt
7. Mainstream Media
8. The Drug/Vice syndicates

As we have been experiencing in the past year of the Duterte presidency, these tentacles have been assiduous in their respective assignments to bring down the duly elected commander-in-chief.

They are very powerful. They are well-funded. Huge Resources. Unlimited and even coming from our own tax money and donations. They are well-organized. They are well-orchestrated, systematic, calculating and cunning.

They can turn a sinner into a saint. They can convert a criminal into a martyr of political persecution. Like that Senator in jail.

They can influence the youth, the laborers, migrant workers, the daily wage earners and the poor to rally behind them. They can even use other forces like militants or rebels to join them surreptitiously to their cause.

They will all try to paint a negative scenario, and they will combine all their resources to put the darkest of clouds over our brightening horizon, again to bring down the man in MalacaƱang to his knees, and bow before them.
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The worst part in their tactics is pitting us Filipinos against one another, and even committing the worst possible crimes you can imagine just to prove their point. Like murdering teenagers.

Every attack, whether in the form of organizing a new movement, a pastoral letter, a press con, a slanted news publication, mass action or rally, embarrassing international exposure and condemnation, and social media trolling, are all so well-coordinated and so precisely schemed to ironically confuse, deceive, scare and divide us.

They are into these because :

A. They want to regain power.
B. They want to avoid prosecution and accountability for their betrayal of public trust
C. They want to perpetuate their kind of governance that keeps us dumb and dumber.
D. They want to monopolize their hold on the economic, social and political fronts.

At the outset, we manifested our collective rage, anger, bitterness, disappointment and dissatisfaction of how we were governed in the last 5 decade, even as they underestimated and disregarded this communal power of ours.

But we wielded that power last May 2016.

We catapulted a maverick mayor to lead us, and that served also as our protest and our complete rejection of the "decent" "straight path" status quo that failed miserably to enhance our country and our quality of life.

It is therefore necessary that we Filipinos, regardless of station or standing, reflect deeply into these, develop the understanding, carefully observe, be discerning, and realize how we are being played and manipulated.

I cannot overemphasize my belief that even as we are now mired in a great divide and chasm, most of us, whether you are pro or anti, have one aspiration-- the betterment of our Motherland.

And I maintain that we cannot trust and be confident to those who have been in power for so long, only to promote their own selfish interests.

They have been given the opportunity to serve and uphold our welfare. But just take a look into our countryside, and you can see with your bare eyes what a mess they did.

We have given the rein to Rodrigo Roa Duterte. And he is working. He is doing his job. And he has accomplished far more in one year what the previous occupant and his mother did in a combined 12 years.

At this point, the pathetic attempts at destabilization by the puny, cowardly and deliberately absurd "opposition," should galvanize and unite us all to fully defend our republic.

The idiocy and lameness in their cause is that they think this only about Duterte.

They are hugely mistaken."