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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Netizen cites different instances that 'democracy has died'

Adolfo Mortera and screen-capped image of his Facebook post

Adolfo Mortera, a UP graduate and an independent consultant who also supports President Rodrigo Duterte shared a meaningful essay or a write up from Jesus S. Matubis Jr. about democracy – which the opposition claims to be “dead”.

For some netizens like Matubis Jr and Mortera, Democracy was dead in the following instances:


Democracy died when PNoy and Justice Sec. De Lima prevented Gloria Arroyo from leaving for medical treatment abroad, w/c action the Supreme Court eventually found unconstitutional.

Democracy died when PNoy bribed the senators with P50M each to impeach then Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Democracy died when the farmers of Hacienda Luisita were deprived of their right to own land by the Cory and PNoy governments.

Democracy died when Sen. Trillanes colluded with the Chinese government on his 15 secret trips to China so that China can take over Scarborough Shoals by disclosing to the Chinese government that the Philippines was militarily powerless to stop or prevent the Chinese takeover and that the PNoy government will not oppose it militarily.

Democracy died when never heard senatorial candidates handily won in the Smartmatic automated elections.

The truth is, under the Duterte government, DEMOCRACY is alive and flourishing because militants, students, critics, priests, opposition senators and congressmen and their trolls constantly go to the streets... and to denigrate Duterte in social media and what's more, because media is allowed to print whatever their owners and editors want to portray the government and its officials. -- Jesus S. Matubis Jr