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Monday, September 10, 2018

New York Univ Alumnus on LP’s Senatorial Bets: “With this lineup, Duterte will rule forever.”

Composite photos from Facebook and Manila Bulletin
With the aspiring candidates’ filing of their Certificate of Candidacy set to October 01 to 05, Party – list groups are undeterred as they finalize their bets for the long – awaited May 13, 2019, midterm elections.

Not less than the infamous Liberal Party (LP) has their game - face ready for the opposing bets with the final names of candidates already lined – up. Some of whom have no substantial experience with politics but are widely prominent in singing, dancing and acting category.

This gives a netizen by the name of Krizette Laureta Chu enough basis to make a good laugh out of the opposition’s candidates and cite a GOOD reason why DUTERTE WILL RULE FOREVER.

Krizette’s lengthy Facebook post on Monday managed to draw both positive and hilarious reactions from unbiased netizens who all share the same level of hate with the villains of the Duterte Administration, who turned out be wanting to meddle with politics as consideration for their retirement – most if not all.
Krizette Laureta Chu / Photo from Facebook
Krizzette creatively enumerated each of LP’s rookie candidates and identified each one’s ‘special’ skills.

To wit, here’s Krizette’s entire Facebook post:

“Dear Philippines,

This is how low the Liberal Party thinks of you and your precious vote.

Agot Isidro, just because she was a vocal critic. And not even an intellectual one, just ad hominems.

Dingdong Dantes, who was busy with being Pnoy's poster boy in the last administration.

Edwin Lacierda, who as a spokesman blocked people who commented on his wall complaining about the Aquino administration, DURING the Aquino administration.
Photo from Manila Bulletin
Leah FUCKING Navarro, lol. Bibong Adarna.

Mar Roxas. Because YOLANDA was not enough, and we all want to replicate his success as a very decisive leader all over the Philippines, or wherever natural disasters strike. lol.

JIM FUCKING PAREDES, who may or may not have Australian citizenship with children who may or may not be longer be Filipinos and whose greatest achievement is singing.

Sereno, who doesnt know how to follow rules and who was plucked out of nowhere by Aquino, who gleefully bypassed other justices because she has no qualms, decency, sense of fairness, and scruples. And now she wants to be a senator.

And a ragtag crew of the country's selfish and undeserving destabilizers who only want the old status quo back.

O mga bashers, sasabihin nyo what about Bong Go? Bong Go has more administrative experience than Leah, Agot, Jim, and Dingdong combined.

With this lineup, Duterte will rule forever.”

Read some reactions from netizens below:

Mary Ann Yao: Our country’s progress will revert back if anyone of these gets elected or re-elected.. I sincerely hope and pray that our fellow Filipinos would smarten up, open their eyes and finally realize that nothing ever good came out of electing these actors, singers etc.. A vast majority (i didn’t say all) of them are just mere puppets of the opposition.. and those up for re-election in this line up!!! They have contributed nothing to our country except credit grabbing, corruption..Hay naku!!! naku! Kaawaan sana tayo ng dios ama at wag hayaan makapwesto ang mga ito!!🤨

Ana Caguiat: And with this line up, i bet they’d cry cheating and file electoral protests here and there after the election accusing this administration of controlling comelec since baustista is no where to be found... 👏🏻 kaya kahit wala wenta ang line up, ok lang basta may mag ingay

EN Joeie Lorenzo: I know that they cant win through Real Votes but they can win through smartmagic. They already allow 25% that means they are desperate na kahit isang LP makakapasok sa Senado. I hope PRRD wont let this "dayaan" happen again.


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