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Monday, September 24, 2018

Opposition senator wants probe to the alleged P2 billion bribe to Aquino's NFA officials

Senator Risa Hontiveros seeks senate probe in NFA rice cartel. Image credit to The Philippine Star
Senator Risa Hontiveros claims that NFA officials were corrupt following statement saying that Aquino is liable for “economic sabotage.”

The opposition senator seeks senate investigation to the alleged big time corruption amounting nearly P2 billion in the NFA. 

NFA Administrator Jason Aquino. Image credit to Rappler
“How much was paid to Aquino by private importers for allowing this modus operandi? We can only surmise. What criminal offense can be charged against him?

“We are looking at a multi-billion peso enterprise. A multi-billion enterprise that has lined the pockets of a privileged few, and caused hunger to untold numbers of Filipinos,” she explained.

This figure does not include other fees imposed by NFA insiders, she added.

NFA MISSION National Food Administrator Jason Aquino exhorts employees to continue supplying cheap rice to consumers during Monday's flag ceremony amid. Image credit to Inquirer

President Jaime Magbanua (left) hands to National Food Authority (NFA) Administrator Jason Aquino (right) the commitment of support to NFA. Image and caption credit to Philippine News Agency
Since the country imports 20 million bags of rice and NFA officials demand P100 per bag from their friends, “we are looking at some P2 billion,’’ she pointed out.

Hontiveros named the alleged NFA's “favored individuals” such as Marlon Barillo, Marigold De Castro, Richie Carpio, Mercedes Yacapin, Rocky Valdez and Judy Carol Dansal.

Senate President Tito Sotto assigned Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chaired by Senator Richard J. Gordon and the Senate Agriculture Committee chaired by Senator Cynthia A. Villar to probe Hontiveros' claims. 

NFA officials in red call not to abolish NFA in a flag ceremony. Image credit to http://www.24pilipinas.com
Hontiveros sources said corruption is rampant in the entry of imported rice through the country’s two main pathways. The lady lawmaker strongly said that Aquino is the center of the alleged massive corruption in the NFA.

The opposition senator reiterated that the government must file charges against Aquino and all the private traders and importers involved in the large-scale corruption.


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Source: Manila Bulletin