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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Palace on Red October plot: 'Do not dream of a people power to oust the president from his position'

Duterte meets with the Filipino community in Jakarta, September 9, 2016 / photo file from Google

Manila, Philippines - Malacañang on Monday expressed its confidence that the supposed ouster plot against President Rodrigo Duterte, tagged as “Red October” would not succeed, as the opposition did not have the people’s support.

According to Brig. Gen. Antonio Parlade the Red October plot would push through and would be led by Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder and leader Jose Ma. Sison.

The president had mentioned the communists, together with the Liberal Party and the Magdalo group, would work on his ouster this coming October.

In a press briefing, Palace spokesman Harry Roque Jr. said that Filipinos continue to bestow “overwhelming support” on president Duterte’s administration.

“We have no doubt the CPP has been out to overthrow the government since they were founded. We have no doubts that there are power-hungry individuals in the opposition who would like to resort to extra-constitutional means to bring down the government and we have no doubt the Magdalo group is addicted to coup d’etats,” Roque said.

“However, what I will say is that we enjoy overwhelming support from the people and therefore what these groups would like to see, the ouster of President Duterte, will not happen,” the spokesman added

Roque also cited that the Filipino people would be the offended party if the ouster succeeds.

“because they gave the President the mandate to lead,” he said.

“You cannot people-power a person with the mandate. [Duterte] defeated their candidate by 6 million votes. Do not dream of a people power to oust him from his position,“ Roque said

He said, even the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) results show that almost eight out of 10 Filipinos were satisfied with the administration’s anti-illegal drug war.*

“When you won by the margin the President had in the [2016] elections and when you have this kind of support being shown in surveys, they will have a hard time [ousting]the President,” Roque said

In his one on one interview with Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo on Tuesday, September 11, the president said a “sympathetic” foreign country informed him of the alleged plot being hatched by the CPP, Liberal Party and Magdalo group against his administration.

 “Sison, Magdalo and the others who do not want me, who cannot accept me since the election, they have combined. And, we have the evidence and we have the[ir]conversations provided by a foreign country sympathetic to us,” Duterte said.

The opposition party and Magdalo had denied the claim of the president.

Meanwhile, Sison told ANC that the chief executive’s allegations meant to divert the public interests from the issues hounding the government.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque / file photo from Manila Bulletin

 Source: Manila Times