PMA alumni group seeks Trillanes' immediate ouster: "He violated, damaged the honor of the institution" - The Daily Sentry

PMA alumni group seeks Trillanes' immediate ouster: "He violated, damaged the honor of the institution"

Senator Antonio Trillanes | Photo from Inquirer
The Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association Inc. (PMAAAI) has sought for an immediate ouster of opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV from the alumni brotherhood for his acts of "arrogant behavior" an acts of unbecoming of a PMAer.

In a signed statement, members of PMAAAI Eagle Fraternal chapter based in Mindanao said Trillanes’ actions and behavior were contrary to the PMA’s motto of courage, integrity, and loyalty, “

thereby seriously damaging the honor and prestige of this revered institution.”

“His pattern of behavior shown in several instances…is an obvious display of conduct unbecoming of a public official and questionable mental health, fond of creating discord and divisiveness instead of his supposed  duties to create policies to establish a well-ordered society,” the PMAAAI manifesto read.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV | Photo from Philstar

They said also that Trillanes, a former Navy official, incited sedition, proposed to commit coup e’etat who participated in military uprisings during the Arroyo administration, and graft when he “uttered seditious words or speeches and unabatedly circulated scurrilous libels against President Duterte.

“Sen. Trillanes continuous allegations that ‘PMAyers’ are his growing supporters is a blatant lie and discredits the highly-respected apolitical nature of PMA and its graduates,” the group said.

“In view of the foregoing facts and circumstances, we, the members of the PMAAAI Eagle Fraternal Chapter based in Mindanao do hereby affix our signatures to affirm and reiterate our collective stand ostracizing Senator Antonio F. Trillanes IV and ousting him as PMAAAI member for conduct unbecoming of a public official,” the statement added

Among those who signed the manifesto were Dangerous Drugs Board chairman Catalino Cuy of Class 1981; Police Deputy Director General Ramon Apolinario, current class president of Batch 1985; and former Chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP) now Bureau of Corrections Director Ronald de la Rosa.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV | Photo from CNN
In response, Trillanes in a statement, dismissed the appeal as he said the signatories were supporters of President Duterte.

“They are clearly just Duterte loyalists, which is a shame given that the Academy has taught us exactly not to emulate somebody like Duterte. They are just trying to project that the PMAers are against me and that’s far from the truth,” Trillanes said.


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