Prayer of a Priest: Kailangan namin hindi lang ang isang Sonny Trillanes, kailangan namin ang isang milyong Trillanes! - The Daily Sentry

Prayer of a Priest: Kailangan namin hindi lang ang isang Sonny Trillanes, kailangan namin ang isang milyong Trillanes!

Trillanes being prayed over and Pres. Duterte. A screenshot from the video shared by Maharlika and a photo from Forbes
In the midst of Antonio Trillanes's amnesty revocation saga, the Senator who's one of the most staunch critics of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte has found an ally in the person of a priest.

Since the release of the order from the Mindanaoan president about the Senator's arrest, Trillanes has never left the Senate building and has been staying there day and night to avoid the arrest that looms. 

The Senate's Sergeant-at-Arms Jose Balajadia served as the beleaguered Senator's knight in shining armor as he was directed by the Senate President Tito Sotto III to hinder the authorities from arresting the anti-Duterte Senator within the Senate premises.

This, according to the Senate President, was for them to "preserve the dignity of the Senate".

On the other hand, another supporter of the rebellious Senator surfaced: a priest named Robert Reyes. 

In a video shared by Maharlika, one of the most influential supporters of Pres. Duterte, Fr. Reyes can be seen praying over the Nacionalista Party Senator whose amnesty is being taken back due to the contested grounds. 
Trillanes being prayed over, photo from Inquirer
On his prayer, the priest asked for more people who are the likes of Trillanes, claiming that we need not only one Sonny Trillanes.

"Kailangan namin hindi lang ang isang Sonny Trillanes. Kailangan namin ang isang libong Sonny Trillanes. Sampung libo. Isang daang libo. Isang milyong Sonny Trillanes. Isang daan at limang milyong Sonny Trillanes. Magising nawa ang katotohanan sa puso ng lahat at ito'y hindi lang makulong sa isang matapang na Senador", Fr. Reyes prayed. 

(We need not just one Sonny Trillanes. We need a thousand Sonny Trillanes. Ten thousand. One hundred thousand. One million Sonny Trillanes. One hundred and five million Sonny Trillanes. May the truth be awaken at the hearts of all and not only trapped at the heart of a brave Senator.)

In addition, he asked for courage.

"Nawa'y 'wag kaming matakot sa mga demonyo ng kasinungalingan, ng karahasan, ng pagsamba sa kasakiman at kapangyarihan", he continued. 

(May we not be scared of the demons of lies, of cruelty, of devotion to greed and power.)

Strongly rebukes the current administration, Fr. Reyes prayed for the ouster of what he labeled as 'demons' working at all government institutions. 

"Palayasin mo ang demonyo sa aming bansa, palayasin mo ang demonyo sa Malacañang, palayasin ang demonyo sa senado, palayasin ang demonyo sa korte suprema, palayasin ang demonyo sa lahat ng sangay ng pamahalaan na ngayon ay unti-unting winawasak at binubusabos.", the priest exclaimed. 

(Banish the demons in our contry, banish the demons at Malacañang, banish the demons at the Senate, banish the demons at the Supreme Court, banish the demons at every branch of the government that are now slowly being ruined and grimed.)

Later, the same said: "Iilan na lang ang nananatiling buhay na institusyon sa aming bansa."

(Only few institutions are truly free in our country.)

Maharlika, meanwhile, posted the video with the caption below:

Sa pray over ni Father Robert Reyes. 

Kanyang pinapalayas ang mga d€monyo sa bansa, lalo na ang d€monyo sa senado. 

Panalangin din ni Fr. Reyes na magkaroon pa ng milyon-milyong Trillanes ang Pilipinas. 

Ibig sabihin, milyon-milyong kudeta at milyon-milyong five star hotel pa ang wawasakin.
Screenshot from Maharlika's Facebook post
Watch the video below: