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Prominent columnist concludes: 'The issue is not Trillanes, it is the Senate'

Composite photo of Philstar columnist Carmen Pedrosa (from Google) and Sen. Antonio Trillanes (grabbed from ABS CBN)

Carmen Pedrosa, a veteran columnist who has authored several Imelda Marcos books concluded that Trillanes whose amnesty was recently voided is not the problem; Senate is – for its obstructive role in coddling an alleged criminal.

With this, Pedrosa said that Senate must be abolished instead as it does not help government for its cause in peace and order.

“It is my opinion that the political debate should not focus on Trillanes. Or whether the Duterte government can withdraw the “amnesty” given to him by the unlamented former president Noynoy Aquino. He is just a cog in the wheel of our dismal government system. The bigger issue is the Senate and its obstructive role.” The columnist wrote in her recent column with Philstar

“In my personal opinion the conflict is between the sitting government (Duterte’s in this case) and the Senate dominated by the Liberal party. By defending Trillanes this branch of government shows its obstructive role by giving him harbor to frustrate the legitimate arrest of an individual who violated a law.” Pedrosa said

“That is the way it stands so far. We can now place the Senate where it should be – a useless adjunct of government officials who do not serve any constituency but work very hard for their personal interest." she added

She also reiterated that protecting Trillanes draws larger picture of the controversy, expanding it to how privileged these senators are.

“It is between the executive and a part of the legislative – 24 senators who think of themselves as so privileged it can play with funds from the National Treasury through DAP etc. Where else can you find officials with the money to buy houses in Forbes Park and ride luxurious huge cars to make way for them in traffic.” She wrote.*

“The issue is whether it can continue dribbling the ball to frustrate Duterte’s government of reform. It is not about arresting Trillanes. That will not help us bring about better governance. Abolish the Senate.” She added

Pedrosa pointed out that Senate is not a necessary institution for the government – it was even a source for graft and corruption.

“It is a source for graft and corruption and will forever be tainted with the removal of Chief Justice Renato Corona. His fault: he led the Supreme Court when it decided the case against the Cojuangco owned (Noynoy’s family) Hacienda Luisita with finality.” She continued

“A bigger issue than Trillanes who is an insignificant political crap is if we allow the Senate to continue dribbling the ball and defeat constitutional reform for good government.” she said

Senator Antonio Trillanes with Senators Risa Hontiveros and Franklin Drilon / photo from Rappler

Source: Philstar