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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Reasons for Martial Law Execution And Aquino’s Allegiance With Communist Party Revealed

Martial Law has been a never-ending debate among Filipinos. That even the Central Intelligence of America even knows the deepest secrets and organizations that involve Ninoy Aquino being connected to Communist Party. Such a party has been long aiming to take over the country and implement its political strategies and basically have a tight grasp on the three branches of the Republic. Though there are questions whether Martial Law is the golden age of the country, it is best to know why it is implemented in the first place.

Proclamation of Martial Law 

In a post by a Facebook page, Hidden Truth, reasons are stated why late President Ferdinand Marcos proclaimed Martial Law in the whole region. Apart from the heinous crimes putting the country in a craze and the Plaza Miranda bombing, there are numerous reports of the growing number of NPA in the Philippines. There are intelligence reports from CIA that Nur Misuari and Ninoy Aquino has an ongoing recruitment mostly from Muslim community which aims to have resistance in Marcos administration.

There are links shown as written pieces of evidence and proclamation of Marcos itself stating why he opted to implement Martial Law. In the statement, it is not a military take over per se but to maintain the status quo and hinder the ill intentions of the communists, the Aquinos, and their Muslim allegiances. For this, they were not able to completely penetrate the Republic.

Golden Age or Dark Age? 

It may be the golden age for the people who are then living during Martial Law, but for some who have claimed to have experience injustices, it is indeed the dark age they can consider.

Imagine if Marcos did not execute Martial Law and let the country fall from the Communists hands? What do you think would the country look like by now?