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TAGLE TO AUTHORITIES: "We cannot play God"

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle / photo file from Inquirer

Manila, Philippines - Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle reminded the police authorities on Friday, saying they should not twist the law and play God with people’s fate.

“Let us not pretend that we can read the minds and hearts of people. In other words, we cannot play God,” Tagle said, referring to law enforcers who violate the law by interpreting it differently.

In his homily for Mass that he led on Friday for the 52nd anniversary of the National Police Commission (Napolcom), Tagle warned that those who flout the laws would be still be punished in the end.

“All of us are accountable to God. All of us are subject to God’s scrutiny. Even those who can run away from human laws, in the end, cannot run away from God who sees the heart and who is the real law-giver,” the Cardinal said.

He also compared the law enforcers who purportedly twist law to the scribes and the Pharisees who persecuted Christ.

“The scribes and the Pharisees were so eager with implementing the law according to their interpretation, and in the end, they were the ones who brought Jesus to trial. They put the law-giver to the test,” Tagle said, a staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on illegal drugs
“It did not cross their minds that they have a different interpretation of the law,” he added

The prelate pleaded the commission to work cautiously.

“Ito’y magandang paalala sa atin, kasi po sa ating mga trabaho, kayo sa Napolcom, you have to do a bit of judgment, lalo na kung mga cases,” the Cardinal said.*

“So sometimes you have to make some decisions. But we are being reminded by the readings of today, be cautious and humble,” he added.

In the middle of his homily, Tagle joked that it was probably the last time he would be invited to give mass at Napolcom (which oversees the PNP).

“Parang hindi na yata ako maiimbitahan dito (I may no longer be invited here),” he said, followed by laughter from the crowd

Tagle asked the employees of Napolcom to judge fair and square.

“Sino tayo para manghusga (Who are we to judge?” he asked, drawing cheers from the mass-goers. “Hindi ko sinasabi na mawalan ng decorum, pero ang paaalala, ‘yong minsan ang bilis natin to judge, hindi naman natin kilala, hindi nakakausap.” He said, after recalling a story of him in his younger years, where he was judged by a woman because of his clothing.

“And that’s what we call prejudice. It becomes discrimination,” Tagle added

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle celebrates mass at the Napolcom / photo from Inquirer