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The Goldberg Scenario: Lawyer recalls 2 noticeable things in alleged oust Duterte "blueprint" from ex-envoy

combined photo of Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles (from Rappler) and former US Ambassador Philip Goldberg (from Manila Times)

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana confirmed on September 10 that there is a plot to oust President Rodrigo Duterte, coming from the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army (CPP-NPA).

There are also rumors that “yellows” or pro-Aquino groups are allegedly involved together with the camp of opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes in the said plot - which their camp already denied.

“The destabilization plot is true, but it is coming from the CPP-NPA, which they hatched in 2016 and finalized in 2017. They have this oust-Duterte plan along with their supporters. I don’t know if other groups will be riding on this,” Lorenzana said.

President Duterte, meanwhile, disclosed the alleged ouster plot against his government by the CPP-NPA, the “Dilawans” (Liberal Party) and the group of Trillanes that is supposed to be implemented next month – information allegedly came from foreign sources.

With that being said, prominent lawyer Rose-Beatrix "TrixieCruz-Angeles, on a Facebook post recalled an article written in 2016 that published by the Manila Times which revealed a US ex-envoy plotting Duterte's fall - which seemingly coincides with recent events.

The said article was written by The Manila Times' chair emeritus Dante Ang, published on December 27, 2016 titled US ex-envoy plotting Dutertefall – source*

Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles, also a staunched Duterte supporter highlighted the important details of the said article as posted below:

The Goldberg Scenario
(Part 1)
As early as October 2016, some of us had been hearing about the Goldberg plan to unseat Duterte. Sources from the military spoke anonymously about the movements of Sen. Trillanes and a mysterious arms cache allegedly delivered by diplomatic means.

The Manila Times' chair emeritus Dante Ang, citing a document sent to the publication wrote about it in December.

Ang notes that then US Ambassador Philip Goldberg himself created a blueprint for the plan itself.

Two things stand out in this:

First, sowing dissent and disunity among Duterte supporters. Recent events have shown that people within the Duterte cabinet are themselves not fulfilling the directives of the president. Case in point, the NFA Council that refused to comply with buffer stock requirements of thirty days, and refused the cheapest means of ensuring food security -- government to government importation.

The same Council's policies aided and abetted price gouging and hoarding by private traders, when the lack of cheap rice pushed prices up. The same Council was aware of the government's efforts to stop smuggling, which resulted in further shortages.*

Note that most of the opposition's efforts to convince the public against Duterte is concentrated on inflation and food. Since food prices contribute at least 2.4 share of the 6.4 percent in the inflation rate, suspicion should fall squarely on the NFA Council -- the most aggressive members of whom are the DOF and Banko Sentral, These two agencies, by the way, are on the forefront of controlling inflation.

Second, the article states that Goldberg also included a weakening of the peso that would result in raising of food prices, Food? Food security? The NFA's mandate is precisely that. Food security.

Screen-capped image of Atty. Trixie's Facebook post

former American Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg shakes hand with President Rodrigo Duterte. He also denied the allegations about the said "blueprint" he left behind / photo from Philstar

Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles and Ahmed Paglinawan